Social Commerce Sales to Reach $30 billion

Last Updated on July 13, 2017

Who would have ever thought social media could bring in revenue. And who would have ever thought that social commerce sales could bringinapproximately $30 billion a year (expected by 2015). That equates to 50% of web sales – who would have thunk it!




According to recent research Facebook drives 26% of referral traffic to business Websites and 20% of shoppers rather buy products through a brand’s Facebook page as opposed to their Website. These percentages are only expected to increase over time. Facebook may have started as a way for people to connect to other people online but it has become an important marketing tool for businesses to grow. Advertisers know this and use it to their advantage. 89% of Advertising Agencies use this platform to advertise on behalf of their clients. There are nearly 10 million registered small businesses currently use Facebook and there are over 42 million Pages on Facebook with about 17% dedicated for the purpose of selling products.

The research also showed that fans on Facebook are loyal brand followers and are more than likely to purchase from the company than non-fans. Are you using your brand’s Facebook page to your benefit? How much of that $30 billion in sales will be yours?

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