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Social media by the numbers in Election 2012

With the election now over, lets take a look on how social media played a part of Election Day 2012.

There were an abundant amount of tweets and Posts regarding long lines or the efficiency (or inefficiency) of their polling site. Twitter was buzzing yesterday. Users were tweeting on average 11,000 election related tweets per minute. Yes I said minute. At the end of the night, before most polls closed, “#election2012” surpassed 11 MILLION tweets.

Another political historical event occurred yesterday – the 2012 Election Day became the MOST tweeted about political event with 20 million tweets (via Twitter data). After TV networks declared President Obama the winner, his twitter feed posted “For more years.” That post was retweeted over 225,000 times. BuzzFeed said it was the most popular tweet of all time. After the announcement of Obama’s win was trending more than 325,000 tweets a minute. Besides “#election2012,” “ivoted” was also popular on Twitter with more than 1.4 million tweets, averaging about 2,000 per minute.

We know people like to post pictures hence Intagrams popularity however there were more than 775,000 photos posted with some variation of vote attached to it and over 250,000 photos with election or a similar phrase.

Let’s not forget about Facebook. I saw a lot of “Let the removal from my news feed begin” or diatribe arguments of whose political view was right and quite a few “I love you but just not during election time.” Reports show that more than 2 million people were talking about Obama and almost a million were talking about Romney – I personally feel like those numbers are not correct because it seemed like EVERYBODY was talking about the election. The top 10 terms on Facebook included: “vote,” “Obama,” “Romney,” “election,” and “president.” Facebook also reported that 8.3 million people said they voted.


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