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If you are a smaller marketing company offering an array of services, you may need to consider becoming a social media marketing reseller. This means that you resell part of your marketing services to another company at a competitive rate in order to maintain your clients, while taking some of the load off your own shoulders.

There are a number of reasons this may be a viable option for you. Perhaps you do not have the expertise in internet marketing, or you are overbooked or understaffed to perform this aspect of your marketing services. In many cases, too, it may make more sense to become a reseller than to spend the time and resources acquiring the knowledge and skills in house.

How That! Company Works for a Social Media Marketing Reseller

That! Company is happy to take on your social media marketing needs as a white label company. We offer competitive rates, support to you and your client, and achieve results. We act under your company name, so as far as your client is concerned, we are you. We talk with your client from an educational standpoint to teach them how social media can benefit them, and discuss the results of their online campaign. We also work closely with you, offering support where you need it most. We retain clients and deliver results that please all parties.

In working directly with your clients under your brand name, we create and send them branded reports, use your email addresses, and when one of your clients call us, we answer as your company. We deliver more than just content and reports to your clients. We focus on and manage all aspects of social media marketing, including regular posts to social networks, engaging visitors, promoting content, and more. As a social media marketing reseller you can be confident that your clients are taken care of, as well as your valued reputation.

If you are a small marketing boutique, a new marketing company, or simply new to social media marketing, and you need help with this aspect of your marketing campaigns, then consider That! Company. We are ready to discuss your needs with you, and explain how we can offer solutions to meet those needs.

We are experts in the online and social media marketing fields. We know the importance of your reputation and retaining your clients; that is what we are here to help you do. Consider becoming a social media marketing reseller and letting That! Company be your experts in social media.


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