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Social Media Presence: An Important Factor in Brand Awareness

It is a well known fact that in the current times and trends, social media is all the rage. Rewind back a decade ago, social media was a relatively new concept with limited applications, interfaces, and options. Fast forward to the present times and it is evident that social media has evolved and emerged rather immensely. It isn’t just  a platform for people to simply interact, acknowledge, and stay up to date; rather, it is a comparatively broad concept that is being used for professional reasons, influencing masses, raising awareness, educating individuals, and lastly, brand awareness (for a lot more reasons too to be honest).

smartphone with social icons coming out of it. Gone are the times where brands interacted with their customers and potential market only through advertisements in the newspapers and on the television. Rather, these mediums have become somewhat obsolete and outdated. You can judge for yourself how many times in a day do you attentively watch the television versus how many times are you focusing on your smartphone scrolling through your social media field. Yes, smartphones win by a large margin. What makes social media a very powerful medium and channel for brands to interact with audiences and customers is that it’s extremely easy, fast and accessible. It has been estimated that the internet has over 4 billion users and almost all of them are members of one social media application that they have installed on their phones, giving brands the opportunity to be noticed by just a click.

The concept of “Brand Awareness” has given rise to serious changes in the methodologies and techniques that are being adopted by the brands. Given how close and connected social media applications are with potential customers and how intimidating, compelling, and influencing they can be, brands make sure to raise awareness about themselves by being visible, by engaging and interacting with the audience on every level, and by putting themselves out there to be seen, heard, and discussed.

Extensive studies have been carried out on the relationship between social media presence and brand awareness. These studies have comprehensively concluded that brand awareness can be significantly improved if a certain brand makes a mark on a customer’s mind where said customer remembers the brand during discussions with their peer group, ultimately recognizing the brand,  and becoming interested in what the brand has to offer. Luckily, social media provides just that.

"brand awareness" in bright colorsNumerous users of social media (you and I included) scroll through our feeds many times a day while stalking our favorite celebrities, influencers, reviewers, and of course, friends. Whenever we spot something eye-catching in any post, the first question that pops up into our minds is, “What Brand is it?” That’s exactly how brand awareness is increased through social media. Social media is a radical component of our daily lives now. We see it, we like it, we believe it, and we get influenced by it. When we see our favorite influencer sporting a brand, when a brand is spotted on our feeds again and again, asking questions, making engagement, requesting feedback, we indirectly become a part of that brand’s journey. We feel an association with the brand and its process and feel inspired to buy the end product too. Social media for the WIN.

Brand awareness in the most basic and layman terms is making more and more people aware of your brand. The more people know about your brand, the more coverage your brand gets, the more customers you acquire, and ultimately, the more reviews and publicity you attain via the word of mouth. How to make maximum people know that you exist, you are producing, and you deliver amazing products? Perhaps through something that is most common among masses and directly impacts their choices and decisions. That’s why social media stands so strong and important for brands to employ in creating brand awareness. Social media reaches out to a large quantity of people  on a very close level, not on the roadside billboard level. But what exactly can make the brand stand out and what is a brand supposed to do to get noticed, get discussed, get reviews, and get success? Here is a roundup of what brands can do:


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  • Be visible. This simply implies to be out there, be the talk of the town, and be the link that is being shared. No matter what it takes to grab the common person’s attention, do it. If it is hiring the influencers and social media celebrities with A MASSIVE FOLLOWING, hire them and have them endorse your product. If it is sticking your face on every social media site, popping in between videos and memes, make sure you do that. Make sure you are seen.
  • Be unique and be different. Your brand might not be the only brand striving to be seen and to be heard. The market is full of competition. You need to stand out. Make your digital content unique and different. Make it eye-catching and compelling. Make it interesting and fun. Make it memorable and entertaining. Social media might be very influential and explosive, but don’t forget that it also gives the opportunity to scroll away. If you are boring and the same as everyone else, you will just be another head in the crowd. Be different in order to be heard and noticed.
  • Be adaptive. If you wish to advertise your brand on multiple social media platforms to raise brand awareness, you CANNOT under any circumstances use the same tone and context on all social media applications. Facebook is all fun and catchy (no one will open up and read a market survey proving your brand is the best), Instagram is all colors and play (no one will stop and read your caption to a boring, old picture), and Twitter is all intellect and serious (no one will follow the #notinterested). You need to be adaptive, smart, and flexible. Change your stance as per the platform; every platform has a different set of audience with different likes and dislikes. Make sure you are properly rehearsed and researched before you step into the world of social media.
  • be consistent with your post like in this calendarDon’t go MIA (missing in action). Always remember, out of sight out of mind. Make sure you have a consistent presence. Don’t go cold water and come back and expect the same level of interest in your followers. Keep the engagement steady and regular.
  • Be smart. Employ influencers, bloggers, and reviewers. Be smart about your strategies and techniques. Do what’s trending, use who matter. Even consider using a white label social media management company if you are overwhelmed.

Brand awareness can be undoubtedly increased using multiple platforms and employing multiple strategies, but according to today’s trends and preferences, the use of social media to raise and enhance brand awareness is by far the most appropriate and effective solution. Social media reaches out to people and connects with them on a very personal level. When brands associate themselves with social media applications, social media influencers,  celebrities (people who are valued and whose opinions are trusted), and social media trends they become visible, important, and valued. Brand awareness can surely reach new heights through engaging and connecting with  audiences through social media, because social media connects with hearts and  emotions.

Written by Jasmin Youngman

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