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Social Networking Grandparents

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Connecting with family and friends is ideal when all you have to do is click, and grandparents are doing just that by logging on to the social networking scene.

A study conducted by MyVoucherCodes concluded that 22 percent of grandparents were connected to family and friends through social media. The study collected results from 1,341 grandparents in the United Kingdom.

Out of that group, 71 percent of the grandparents who used a social network used Facebook, 34 percent used Twitter and 9 percent used LinkedIn. Not only were these users mixing it up with friends, family, and all the other things social networking sites have to offer, they visited the sites frequently. The study showed that 51 percent of the respondents logged in once a week or more and 35 percent logged in a few times a month.

Approximately 68% of the respondents had joined a social networking site in the past year. Their reasons for joining social network sites varied. One quarter had joined to reconnect with old friends, one-fifth wanted to keep in touch with friends and family, and half were encouraged to join in on the fun by a younger member in their family.

This proves that no matter the age, we all want to keep in touch.

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