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Step by Step Instructions to Handle Negative Facebook Reviews


The protocol for managing negative remarks via social media is not the same as managing standard grievances, by telephone or email. There is this one reason: it’s too simple to transform a social media complaint into a catastrophe.

Why would it be a good idea for me to think about social media reviews?

Social media is a platform that provides instant access to a broad audience, making it easier for the consumer to review your product or service. . A commitment to customer service remains a benchmark, and a prospective consumer-base will use that as a gauge, acting as a deciding factor in whether or not you’re the best company for them. The professionalism of a business will come under scrutiny, in regard to how quickly they respond to a complaint and what was done to resolve the issue.

Social media is about a snappy response and quick reaction. Your audience will typically be people on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that live in your area, post routinely and at a certain time of the day. . On the off chance that you choose to have a business profile, you should be prepared to do likewise. You may be under the impression that your clients or prospective clientele won’t notice an adverse comment,, yet individuals unquestionably will. What’s more, should you not respond, they will reach a determination, that you couldn’t care less about your clients and your PR.

Is my organization ready to deal with negative remarks via social media?

An emphasis on responsible behavior can make a significant difference in improving your company’s presence on social media. If one person is charged with that responsibility, it will be easier for them to address negative reviews, limiting the number of parties involved, so you won’t replicate responses and content. In case you’re pondering what to begin with, here’s the principle guidance: ensure that there’s one individual in charge of taking care of remarks via social media platforms. I would chose just one single individual, in the chance that there are more individuals in charge of one assignment, it may turn out that they avoided an unanswered remark since they believed that the other individual would deal with it. Don’t let that be the case and pick someone who can be responsible for the aftermath . Secondly, ensure that your social media expert knows online networking and how to react.

How am I expected to react to social media comments/reviews in the event that I don’t see them?

It’s not difficult to react to a poor review that was sent right to you in your email inbox. There are challenges associated with Social media, and those include being able to monitor reviews and content, some that may not be flattering, and the size of your company could create further complications . In case you’re sufficiently fortunate, individuals will tag your image in their posts and you will get notices about it. Additional issues can manifest themselves, with the problems becoming more convoluted when somebody is sharing negative comments about your employees, but you can’t react and resolve the problem because you don’t see it.

That’s the reason you ought to employ the use of Google Alerts as a resource. Enter your brand’s name and setup your account with specific settings. You will be notified quickly when reviews are left, once every day or once per week. I would recommend you set it up so you get warnings about all reviews and comments from everyone. Once you get familiar with setting up the account you can change the settings later on to be less frequent.


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How rapidly would it be advisable for me to react?

You should react quickly to diffuse any fallout when there’s been a negative review or comments. . Your ability to articulate your thoughts in a clear and and efficient manner, refuting the negative commentary on the social media platform, should be done swiftly and with authority. The faster the response, the more effective it will be. . A lot of these people that are attempting to contact a brand or organization through online networking for customer support, may expect a similar reaction time during the evening and on weekends just as they do for ordinary business hours (depending on the size of the company). The more rapidly you react, the more favorably you’ll be received.

What ought to be my response?

There’s just a single rule when dealing with social media reviews, you have to react calmly and pleasantly. Everyone that owns a business understands the possible ramifications from a negative review.. It gets considerably more difficult when you’ve been doing your best to fulfill your clients’ needs, yield optimal results and grow your business’ reputation. .

Thus, regardless of whether you’re chatting with a furious client or somebody that’s simply unhappy, ensure you’re taking a few steps to remediate the problem. First, thank them for their opinion but make an effort not to be formal. Then apologize for the issue and encourage them to send you a private message. It’s vital that individuals see that you react to each request and you’re keen on your client’s opinions. Just make sure you don’t discuss the main issues in public, get them behind the private message, but then still be careful with what you say because they can record what you’ve said by taking a screenshot or making a copy.

Would it be a good idea for me to remove negative remarks?
Now I know, you may be enticed to remove the negative reviews and remarks; however, there shouldn’t be a need to. In the event that you remove a legitimate complaint from an annoyed client, you can make certain they will return louder, angrier and more baffled. The second thing is that negative remarks demonstrate that you’re a valid, fair brand.
Consider it along these lines: clients enter your profile and see nothing but raving reviews which could make them feel that you’re manipulating the remarks. They presumably begin burrowing for different suppositions on discussions and other review sites like Yelp. At some point or another, they’ll discover negative input and they may pick your competitor simply because they feel you’ve been less than honest..

In what manner would it be advisable for me to take care of clients’ issues?
When you connect with your client in private, handle a negative review the regular way. Thank a client for imparting their insight Thank them for their time to contact you, briefly apologize, try to clarify what happened: be clear, exact and don’t attempt to make excuses for yourself in the event that you’ve committed an error, and explain what you’ll do and when you’ll get back with them on how you intend tofix it.
Your clients are a priority, and you should place an emphasis on following up with them, in the event they’re unhappy and displeased with the current situation. In the event that clients set aside their opportunity to post about you once, they will post again in the event that they are disappointed with the settlement. There’s no better way to get a favorable response or review than through word of mouth is to go the extra mile for those clients and offer them a little discount or a rebate. I know, it may seem like a gift, however, in the event that it brings you back into their good graces, it’s worth all of the effort.

What occurs on social media remains on Google forever.

Social media is not just about posting articles or pictures on your profiles; for a business it’s a standard client/business communication channel. It implies that in the event that you don’t follow the above advice, you may hurt your image’s notoriety. Once you locate a negative post, tweet or response, attempt to react at the earliest opportunity because short reaction times are a key to achievement.
Don’t remove bad remarks, reviews or unreasonable comments. You may be enticed to remove them, but it’s an awful strategy. An organization without terrible remarks or surveys is more likely to draw suspicion, and makes individuals scan much more for awful data. It might appear like a stressful job, but there are a few great things about it . Don’t think of replying to these comments and negative reviews as a dirty job but as an opportunity. This is a chance to transform your clients’ terrible experience into a decent one and to change complaints into compliments.

By SEO/Social Media Consultant

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