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[Study] The confusion behind 4G

4G Phone Confusion

How many people don’t understand 4G technology? Retrevo conducted a “Gadgetology” study of the state of 4G technology in the United States. The study showed that 34 percent of iPhone users thought they already had a 4G smartphone. How can they have a 4G iPhone when it doesn’t exist?

Before all the Android and BlackBerry owners get all full of themselves for having a 4G phone, they did not do any better on the survey. While it is possible to possess a 4G Android or 4G BlackBerry smartphone, twenty-nine and twenty-four percent, respectively, believed they possessed a 4G smartphone when they did not.

Retrievo concluded that the adoption of the 4G smartphone will not happen quickly. You can read the full story on where they surveyed 1,000 online users in the U.S. Across a range of genders, ages, incomes, and locations.

Are providers trying to confuse consumers about 4G smartphone technology? Are you sure your phone is 4G?

4G Phone Confusion Survey

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