Best Practice For Web Design: What Image Type To Use?

The best practice for web design is to always keep in mind how important images are. When shopping in person, there are many types of cues that clue in a potential customer to the quality of the product theyโ€™re interested in. Then they evaluate If it passes the bar they feel is appropriate before purchasing. […]

Best Practice for Websites: Image Files | Folders Stacked Up

CSS2 Vs. CSS3 | A Girl Showing A CSS2 on Her Right Hand and CSS3 On Her Left Hand

Differences Between CSS2 & CSS3

The biggest difference between CSS2 and CSS3 is that CSS3 is now split into different modules. Since each module makes its way through the W3C individually, there’s a wider range of browser support. Make sure you test your CSS3 pages in as many browsers and operating systems as possible to ensure compatibility. Multiple Backgrounds Background-image, […]