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Take Time for Yourself, Family, & Friends

Take Time

Take TimeAre you stressed out or are you handling life accordingly right now? How are you handling downtime during regular work hours or while working remotely? By downtime I mean how are you handling time for yourself as a person, as a family member, and as a member of society? Working a lot is great but working too much can overload a person and lead to a decreased quality in the output of work. It is better to take time to balance your life.

Right now, we are facing a lot of struggles if you have never worked remotely. Your schedule, office space, work environment, and day-to-day have completely changed. If your day to day has not changed then you are blessed. Some individuals do not handle change well to new routines and learn to adapt to new schedules. Before all of this, what kind of workload or schedule did you have? Now that you are remote, has that changed? If you feel overloaded, does sharing the burden with an SEO reseller make sense, for instance?

First, no matter whether single, married, widowed, or out there having fun in life you must take care of yourself. Secondly, you must take time out to be with your family. Tomorrow is not promised today with anyone, so take advantage while you still have them around now. Thirdly, take time out for your friends and family. I believe that if you do not love yourself first then you are unable to spread love yourself to others. This same theory applies to your well-being and work/life balance. Imagine if you are unhappy all the time, how do you come across to your clients or family? Most of the time we need to give ourselves mini breaks or chances to do the things we love to de-stress. To begin this process, you must start by taking time for yourself.

1. Take Time for Yourself

Take time for yourself Firstly, taking time for yourself means exactly what it says. Take time for yourself. This is the time where you have to shut off the world and do what you need for you to be happy, positive, balanced, and in the right direction, you want to go with any personal goals or hobbies. One of the main reasons I have learned that people do not have time for themselves is because they do not schedule it. Block off a small chunk of time after work to do something yourself. If you have time constraints block yourself time during your lunch hour to get a quick workout in or handle an errand so you can get it done for the day. Make appointments with yourself later that will save you time, energy, and peace of mind. Scheduling appointments with yourself is almost as important as scheduling time with your family.

2. Take Time for Your Family

Secondly, taking time for your family—is it more important than scheduling time with yourself? Yes. Without family, we are nothing. We always have to take care of ourselves, but our family time has limits and can be varied. As kids, we believe our family will be around forever and that there is always time to create new memories. We must take the time now if we are remote or even regularly working to schedule time with our families.

During this time, a lot of family members miss each other and need our support. During this time, it seems to be that Zoom and FaceTime have taken over as the digital meeting place for family events. Haven’t spoken to a family member in a while? Call them, text them, or even send an email. You’ll never know how calling a cousin, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa could brighten their day. If you have children, take a moment to take a personal snapshot of your time with them. Now is the time to have quality time with your family given we are all home. Since our family is home, we mustn’t forget our friends and community.

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3. Take Time for Your Friends

Take time with friendsThirdly, making time with our friends helps us catch up with ourselves and with them at the same time. How many times have you felt better after talking to a friend because only they know how to understand how to let you vent? How many times have you let a friend vent on the phone just because they were upset? Our friends are usually more family than friends but everyone around us deserves to be checked up on especially now. Mental health is super important to the wellbeing of everyone. I don’t know about you but after I hand out with my friends, I feel like a part of me that has been missing back home is complete for a while. Long story-short, drop a text to a friend and see how it brightens their day.

4. Review Your Current Work Schedule and Day-to-Day

Fourthly, wait did he say fourthly, yes, he did! Surprise! I added a fourth part to this list. I want you to take a few moments and look at your day to day schedule. Are there times you can schedule to learn something new for yourself or further your career? Can you schedule times you can be with family? Are there times you can schedule a time to be with your friends? If you have the time, then what are you waiting for? Now is more than time than ever to do anything. Tomorrow is not promised today, and we must count our blessings. I want you to schedule one call, one video chat, or send out at least one text to a family member or friend. If you do that then relationships can continue to grow and support each other during uncertain times.

Final Thoughts

Stay in touch and stay healthyThroughout this blog, you are probably wondering, where is all of this coming from? Mainly, I’d like to say that life has taught me these things. Life has been the biggest teacher and it continues to teach me daily. I have lost many family members, close friends, and people around me. If you miss someone, call them. Talk with someone, text them. If you are mad at someone, resolve the issue. Nothing is ever as big as it seems.

As, I said previously, tomorrow is not promised today. I don’t mean to be grim, but it is a reality we all must face. I would do anything to schedule time with those I’ve lost or are unable to see due to distance. Schedule time for yourself, I mean, why not? Perhaps consider using a white label services marketing firm to handle your more laborious work?

We use the word “balance” a lot. If you are not balanced with yourself, how are you going to balance everything else in life? Schedule time with family. This seems easily done but is often overlooked due to, “there is always time.” Just do it. Schedule time with friends. Just do that too! Thank me later.

We all miss each other like crazy during these times. Let’s all take time to support each other and conquer the next adventure that life brings our way. Be thankful, be blessed, and be grateful for what life has provided us. I hope this helps bring some peace back to your life or help fill in a missing piece that maybe you did not even realize was missing. Let me know how it goes when you send that text, email, or call?!

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