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How To Target Keywords Effectively & Gain Market Share

When looking at how to structure your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your approach shouldn’t be to target everything right out the gate. Look for the best opportunities and focus those efforts to “win” them. It is from this identification of growth potential, it can help morph your website into a traffic magnet with great revenue potential if that is your goal.

This is particularly true for e-commerce clients. First, begin by a thorough analysis of their market and keywords. This will help implement your growth plan in areas which have higher traffic and less competition or some would call the “low hanging” fruit.

To capitalize here, you must do these three things:

1. Gather

2. Rank or prioritize

3. Take action


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Let me expand into more detail… search for and gather relevant data is the most critical area for proper analysis. You need to know what your audience is looking for and this includes the keywords and phrases. Do they have a specific intent when they are searching (like info gathering, about to purchase or looking at comparisons).

With a list now in hand, it’s time to start prioritizing your targets. Often overlooked is to also look at the keywords you successful competition has their sights on. Long-tail keywords should be an area of focus because they generally have less competition and often target traffic who are ready to purchase.

The final step is to take action. Research and a plan are good but, the implementation is still part of the process to get you to your goals. Good luck & see you at the top!


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