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How To Target a Single-Device Despite Enhanced Campaigns. A work around has been discovered!

First off my thanks to Susan Waldes at Search Engine Land for publishing this recent discovery.

Now, we’ve long desired the ability to create single-device only enhanced campaigns for various clients. Some clients have absolutely no use for desktop traffic or tablet traffic, and to be able to ensure they only receive traffic from the sources that are actually going to convert is important. If you’re reading this then chances are your business model falls into this category. If your business can take advantage of all the different devices we don’t recommend this work around as it will create more of a headache for you than help.

How’s it possible?:

You set the Adwords conversion pixel to fire when a visitor hits your landing page for only the device that you want to target (and not the others)! Then, you use CPA bidding. TADA! Your quote on quote conversion will simply be a page visit on the desired device, and the CPA that you set will essentially be your CPC.

Now you may ask – How will I track real conversions? Implementation will vary; however to read the full story and see an example check out Susan’s full story here –

Good luck!


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Written By: Michael Knorr – Director of Marketing and Sales

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