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That! Company, an SEO company, now serving Seagram's Ginger Ale


That! Company, a PPC and SEO company, thought Seagram’s Ginger Ale was a great choice to add to our list of delicious fountain drinks. We like to have some great refreshment while we work hard for our clients, and this flavor will certainly be loved by our employees. Ginger ale has a very distinctive flavor that can be a real joy to drink. This could be why it was chosen to replace our lemonade, which was barely touched. As the perfect bubbly refresher, Seagram’s Ginger Ale was a good choice to add to this SEO company’s list of wonderful beverages.

People will certainly begin lining up to fill their glasses with this tasty drink, especially those who are trying to stay away from caffeine. As an SEO company, we come in to work early and sometimes stay late, but not all of us want to be reliant on caffeine to keep us awake, so Seagram’s Ginger Ale is a welcome addition. Their slogan is, “It’s good to be you,” and that cannot be any more true. Here at That! Company, we strive to make our workplace a fun and enjoyable location to be at during the work week, and that slogan rings true with all of us. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go fill up my glass with some Seagram’s Ginger Ale before I get back to work for our SEO company clients.

Written by: Doyle Clemence

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