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THAT! Company receives national recognition for nonprofit work



A food pantry, a group helping earthquake victims in Haiti, and a juvenile outreach program are just a few organizations that have benefited from the free website design services THAT! Company offers nonprofits. communitas-award

For its efforts in assisting community nonprofits, THAT! Company was awarded a 2010 Communitas Award for graphic design and website creation for nonprofit organizations in December from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

Communitas Awards recognize exceptional businesses, organizations and individuals who devote their resources to benefit the community. Communitas is a Latin word meaning people coming together for the good of the community.

THAT! Company CEO Ken Knorr could not agree more with the spirit and the mission of the Communitas program to encourage businesses and individuals to give something back to the community.

“It’s about more than just the clients who can pay.” Knorr said. “ We can also help those organizations that are less fortunate and can’t afford to hire a web design firm. The ability to support our community in this way give our employees a tremendous amount of pride and the feeling that they’re making a difference.”

Several nonprofit organizations have benefited from THAT! Company’s pro bono graphic design and website design services so far this year. Websites were recently completed for, a food pantry in Mount Dora;, an organization dedicated to rebuilding communities in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in early 2010 and, an outreach program helping juveniles in correctional facilities in Florida.


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When Knorr opened THAT! Company in 2007, he wanted to devote at least 10 percent of the company’s web design production to nonprofit organizations So far this year, eight nonprofits have benefited from THAT! Company’s web design services, well above the 10 percent donation goal.

If the amount of nonprofit work performed was representative of the number of websites actually designed in 2010, THAT! company would have designed 80 websites.

“We haven’t even come close to building 80 websites this year,” Knorr said.

In 2011, Knorr said he wants go even further with the company’s nonprofit efforts by extending other service offerings – search engine optimization, pay per click, public relations and advertising – to not- for-profit organizations.

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