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Tracking Facebook Likes


Since Facebook rolled out its iconic Like button almost two years ago, more than 2.5 million websites have installed it.facebooklike

But among the innumerable hordes of people liking things through Facebook – from bands to books to restaurants to retail stores to non profit organizations – there’s been no way for individuals or brands to track Likes accurately.

Until now., which launched in April, wants to help individuals and brands make sense of the Like trend, showing what’s popular among more than 600 million Facebook users.

Likester allows you to search for top-liked sites in a geographical location or zero in on a granular level to see what a friend’s specific Like activity is like. How do you find out which business is the most liked in your town? Likester will show you.

Likester does not have specific revenue model, yet; however, its founders hope to help businesses use the Like button more effectively.

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