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A Trusted Pay Per Click Affiliate

That! Company is a leader in internet marketing and advertising. We can be your pay per click affiliate without your client ever knowing. There are many reasons why an internet marketing company may need a white label company to work with them. Maybe the other company is short on staff or does not have the knowledge or expertise to cover certain aspects of internet marketing. Maybe you are overloaded with clients and deadlines and just need extra help. Whatever the case, we are here to help!

That! Company is Your Pay Per Click Affiliate

pay per click affiliate

We do it all, from advertising to keyword research to analytics and more. We are a one stop shop for all your internet marketing needs. Whether you need help with pay per click advertising or putting together a social media marketing plan, we are here to help you and your client get the results you seek, without taking any of the credit.

In other words, we work for you under your name for your clients, and we educate your clients under your name. Our company, although integrally involved in the process, still works behind the scenes, giving you the credit and success. We offer a variety of services and advantages as your white label pay per click affiliate company, such as education, profitability, reputation and success.

We not only do the work, but we also educate you and your client on a regular basis. This means that not only do your clients pay you to do a successful job, but they understand why certain types of marketing were put into place and why others may not be as important. We also offer sales support to you, so that if your client calls, you are able to answer their questions and address their concerns without hesitation. We do all this without marketing our own company. Instead, we represent you and your company, and that is all your client needs to know.

What Will You Make?

pay per click affiliate
You will make a decent margin working with us as your white label company. Our rates are competitive, and we seek to build lasting relationships with you and with your client on your behalf. Using a white label company can prove to be financially beneficial for all parties involved.

Success is not just measured in profits. It is measured in repeat business and customer satisfaction. It is time you decided if you are best serving your clients in house, or if you should consider reselling some of your services to a pay per click affiliate like That! Company


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