Twisplaying Tweets

Twitter may get a boost in the physical marketplace if the digital Twisplay has anything to say or, in this case, scroll about it.

Twisplays, Inc. is manufacturing 26×4 inch digital LED signs that display, much like a news ticker, streaming tweets from a dedicated Twitter account.

This could benefit businesses already aggressively using Twitter.

Businesses are increasingly depending on Twitter to promote sales and upcoming events. But why stop at directing tweets at following twits. The application seems ripe for retail businesses that want to target their in-store patrons with their tweets. This could be a cost-saving measure for many businesses that rely both on Twitter and in-store promotions to advertise their products and services.

Twitter display has a $299 price tag. You can order your Twisplay from

What are your thoughts? Is this the next step in the evolution of social media into the physical advertising space?

Below is a video of Hertz’ Twisplay.


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