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Using Broad Match Modifier

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You can add a modifier to your broad match keywords to specify that certain words must be included in someone’s search term to trigger your ads. Since broad match modifier allows you to target searches that include at least one of your keywords, it can help increase how relevant your traffic is to your ads, and thus improve your clickthrough (CTR) and conversion rates. To create a broad match modifier, just add a plus symbol (+) in front of one or more words in your broad match keyword.

By default, AdWords uses the broad match option to target searches that include any

combination of the words that comprise your keyword term, as well as searches containing synonyms or other variations of those words. So although a broad match keyword like tennis shoes might send a lot of relevant click traffic to your site, you might reach more searches than you originally intended.

With a broad match modifier, you’re able to control and know exactly how your keyword would be broadened by requiring that certain keyword terms must be a part of your potential customer’s search. If you specify that you want your ad to only show when someone’s search includes both tennis and shoes, then your ad suddenly becomes more relevant to potential customers searching for tennis shoes. This targeted reach can help your keywords achieve a higher clickthrough rate (CTR), which in turn can help your site get more paying customers or other conversions.

Written By: Cheri Graziani – PPC

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