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Using Trust To Bring Relevancy To Your CRO

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Using Trust To Bring Relevancy To Your CRO

The Scottish novelist George McDonald once wrote: “to be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”  In today’s world of marketing—especially digital marketing, winning over your customer base through trust is one of the greatest ways to land a conversion. The key is making a person believe that you are reliable, good, honest, and effective. What needs to be understood is that trust is a very important emotional trigger. If your customers do not believe that you are all of these things, then most likely they will not want to interact with you.

According to Google, an emotional trigger is defined as a response to a person, situation, event, dialogue, reading, film or any other content provoking a strong emotional reaction. Most times we are not self-aware when we are triggered and we react, prior to sifting through our strong emotional response. The trigger can be anything that sets off a memory or flash back. It basically takes you back to any event or original trauma in your life. It could be very personal and it can be different for different people. Triggers are activated through your five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

Creating the Call-to-Action

When you are creating call-to-action (CTA) landing pages, it is very important to make sure that you are using trust to bring relevancy to your conversion optimization. Studies have shown that our emotions pretty much drive many of our purchasing decisions and because trust is a very powerful emotional trigger, it should really be emphasized in almost every conversion rate optimization strategy.

If I am producing a landing page that is asking for your name or an email in return for an e-book, an infograph, or something of that nature, then there needs to be a sense of trust. You need to know that I will actually send the service or the product you’ve been promised, and that it will be of high quality.  The thing that is going to motivate you to either buy or purchase from me is going to come from whether not you trust me. This may sound complex but it’s really quite simple.  It’s almost like giving a person a handshake with a smile or making eye contact when you are talking to someone. You are presenting yourself as a very trustworthy person.

Ways to Build Trust on Your Landing Pages

One way to gain trust is by using well-known trust seals, which are logos and symbols that increase credibility. You would use these logos to show that your site is secure and safe. Another way is to get approvals from an official organization. You could also use social proof, which is a very awesome way of driving trust. It really plays off of the powers of numbers and it produces a bandwagon effect which you would use to prove that you can be trusted. You should also try to take advantage of the power of numbers. Data used the right way is very effective and people like to see that. Another way is by showing how much of your product is either being purchase or being used. All of these are great ways to help build relevancy and trust when you are trying to optimize your landing pages.

– Theo Kenon, SEO Coordinator


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