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That! Company VS Vendasta Reviews

vendasta reviews compare against That CompanyMany agency owners end up selecting That Company over Vendasta. Reviews from multiple agencies we work with have given That Company a lot of insight as to why we’re regularly selected as the preferred white label provider. We will break down the differences between That Company and Vendasta below for your consideration.

Platform (Vendasta) vs. Partnership (That Company):

Are you looking for software or are you looking to have a relationship/partnership with a white label provider? Vendasta has a polished platform that will give you access to sell a variety of offers to small businesses. Although not all Vendasta reviews are as favorable as ours. However, that’s where most of the benefits for Vendasta ends.

That Company is less software/platform-oriented and more services-oriented. Great CRMs already exist. Great ways to do cold emailing already exist (if that’s how you wish to build your agency). That Company didn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel, instead, That Company’s focus is on building a true partnership via providing high-quality services (not cheap/poor result services), joining you on the front lines in helping you close new business, helping you scale your agency, and ultimately partnering with you in the process of growing your agency, as well as helping your customers grow by delivering quality results.

Is Having service offerings for midsize/larger customers important to you?

Vendasta proclaims to be oriented specifically for SMBs (small businesses). That Company has offerings for a wide range of customers and is customizable to the needs of mid-size and enterprise customers. For example, That Company before we were a white-label provided has worked with large brand names such as Western Union, The Orlando Magic, Santander, Klein Tools, Control4,, USTREAM (later acquired by IBM), Wholesale Solar, etc.

That Company is often selected as the trusted white label provider to effectively manage larger customers and to provide an excellent customer experience as well as excellent results.

Is Having Sales Support Important to you?

According to Vendasta reviews when you sign up with Vendasta and pay their setup fees, they give you access to information so you can teach yourself how to sell their services.


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With That Company, you have a partner who provides you with sales support. We join you on the front lines to help you grow your business. Specifically, we have digital marketing strategists who run research on your prospect and their top 2-3 competitors to help provide a great first impression as well as build a digital marketing strategy that is customized to their specific needs.

Out digital marketing strategists specifically have executed campaigns and are sales trained, so they know exactly how the technology works, what works, what doesn’t work, and ultimately how to lead a customer a successful experience.

Proper expectations are the most important factor in retaining your customers for years to come. In comparison to Vendasta, you are paying an ongoing fee to have access to their platform so you can work at becoming an expert to sell customers in the future. What if you could just have experts join you in growing your business without having to pay monthly fees or their salaries? We partner with you on day 1 to truly help take your business to the next level. All you have to do is set the meeting and we’re going to have our expert team help with the rest.

Is Scalability Important to you?

So, let’s say after learning their systems you successfully sell a customer for one of their services. Vendasta provides the service, however, their offering isn’t scalable. YOU as the digital agency owner have to play the telephone game between Vendasta and your customer on how things are progressing.

What if instead, you could sign up clients and not have to project managers at all?

What if instead, you could just focus on growing your business?

That Company is literally the most scalable white label provider on the market. Once the customer has signed up you bill them, and we handle the rest. We handle executing the work, we communicate what we’re doing to the customer via conference calls/project system updates, and we send them their regular reports for you. You get to be completely hands-off!

Why are many of the agencies in the US unable to crack past $100,000 in revenue a year? Because they can’t scale! Either they’re stuck project managing for clients they net a few hundred dollars a month from (when they calculate their time, they’re not making much money at all!) The other reason is they’re focusing on selling to customers that are just simply too small, and they can’t either hire a project manager or additional labor to scale their businesses effectively (either that or they’re trying to service too many customers per project manager, and quality goes down significantly!)

Is growing your agency via Big Ticket Sales important to you?

Many agencies start off with the thought that they’ll start off selling to small businesses a $300-$500 a month service and then they’ll eventually sell them more services, or they’ll grow into selling larger customers.

However, this is often not the reality they enjoy. It is said that the wages you demand from life are the wages you will get paid.

We specifically recommend to our partners to focus on Big Ticket Sales instead. Selling one new – $5,000-$10,000 a month client takes less time, is less work, and is far more profitable than selling 10 to 20 – $500 a month clients to make the same amount of money!

In addition, smaller clients tend to be much needier and want to call you every 5 minutes about the $500 they gave you, because that’s the only $500 they have, and it’s typically them taking it out of their pocket, whereas when you work with larger customers you’re working with a marketing contact who is spending someone else’s money, and they are far less needy, thus enabling you to again focus on growing your business instead of handling client’s calling you continuously. Larger customers are also able to see a lot more movement and results, faster due to the amount of time and attention that can be dedicated to their account. It’s a win, win, win when you focus on Big Ticket Sales.

Vendasta’s offerings are not designed for larger customers, whereas That Company’s offerings easily and productively scale to handle these types of larger customers.

Would you like to not have to pay monthly fees just to be a partner?

Finally, when it comes to selecting a white label provider you have to consider the potential fees associated with your selection. A majority of white label providers charge setup fees and ongoing monthly fees just to be a partner. Vendasta’s setup fee ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 and on top of it, they charge ongoing monthly fees ranging from $250/month to $2,499/month. These ongoing fees are the real killer for new agency startups.

Now, Vendasta does throw in a few cool things like the ability to email campaigns, a custom domain name/setup/etc. However, this “done for you” option is quite expensive when you consider that you could get your own off-the-shelf CRM and domain setup inexpensively. Your money is better off spent on actual client acquisition and not on an overpriced CRM/Website!

This is exactly why That Company does not charge ongoing monthly fees just to be a partner. It’s a true partnership. We provide ongoing sales support and don’t charge for it.

That Company does, however, have an initial setup investment ranging from $250 – $5000 depending on how you want our relationship to work, however, that one-time investment is a small price to pay for the access you get to top digital marketing professionals that help you close deals and a truly scalable solution.

When you sign up with That Company you immediately have access to proposal templates, contract templates, and sales support all on day 1! We are a true partner.

Vendasta Reviews may be hard to find online since they’re a white label provider, but if you’re ready to have a Partner and not just a Provider, then give That Company a call today.


Table Comparing Vendasta to That! Company



While this table lists some of the most important services in the That Company VS Vendasta reviews, there are other daily tasks and communications that will make the distance between Vendasta and That Company even further.

Schedule a meeting with one of our consultants and you will quickly realize that when looking at That Company VS Vendasta reviews, there really is no comparison.



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