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“Vikings Fan” Izaak Hale Wins Buildtelligence Bowl IV

Izaak Hale Wins BuildtelligenceThat! Company would like to congratulate Izaak Hale for winning the Fantasy Football Buildtelligence Bowl IV. After 14 weeks of battle on the virtual gridiron, Hale finished the season with a record of 9-5.

Hale, who also took the SEO Divisional Title, was presented a commemorative trophy on January 25th. Before presenting the trophy to this season’s winner, League Commissioner, Ken Knorr organized a Stealth Nerf War to deploy against Hale.

Friends and coworkers rushed Hale’s office to deliver the celebratory attack. Once the rain of Nerf darts had come to an end, Knorr surprised Hale with the Heisman look-a-like trophy, engraved with his name and the year (2011).

The highly sought after trophy has been passed down from one winner to the next as the seasons go by and a new Fantasy Football champion is crowned. This is the second year running that an SEO Division player has won the trophy.

Hale receives this year’s trophy from the 2010 Fantasy Football Champion, Mitch Bozeman. Competing for the trophy has become a favored tradition by That! Company employees and Fantasy Football participants. After being presented with the trophy, Hale gave a short acceptance speech where he thanked Adrian Peterson, That! Company and his fiance, Melanie.

Although his team name, “Vikings Fan,” may lack the luster of other, more creative Fantasy Football team names; Hale’s team does not lack talent. Hale went into the Buildtelligence Bowl boasting a roster of some of the most in-demand draft picks in the league. Hale’s top scorers during the championship game included: Adrian Peterson (Min RB), Jordy Nelson (GB WR), Julio Jones (Atl WR) and Tim Masthay (GB P).


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Hale won the championship after beating the PPC Divisional Title winner, Derrick DeYarmen and his “San Francisco D Squad.” The final score of Buildtelligence Bowl IV was 305-295.7.


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