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Website redesign landmines Part 1

website redesign landmines

This year it seems that we have seen an inordinate number of problems for folks who have had a web redesigns by companies that are not SEO firms and without any SEO oversight. The consequences have been predictably disastrous, though some of the landmines the developers created were truly innovative. Far and away the most common problem with a redesign is that URLs are changed or abandoned. At times this is a conscious decision, but usually one that clients end up regretting. Most of the time, however, this is accidental. No matter how many times a web designer is warned, many times, URLs vanish in a new site. And for the record, is not the same as,html.
Though web designers need to keep Analytics code on the site, this is often overlooked. Conversion points are also crucial, and must be tested. All too often there are problems, with forms not populating to databases or sending notification emails as they should. Designers also need keep “Thank you” pages in tact, complete with conversion codes, though these sometimes disappear. The conversion points deserve extra attention and testing when redesigning a website.
Stay tuned, because there are much more creative and clandestine ways for web designers to accidentally create SEO landmines on your new site.
Written By: Derrick DeYarman – Director of SEO
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