What Are Offer Extensions and Best Practices

Last Updated on April 22, 2020

Offer extensions allow advertisers to promote special deals alongside their text ads. When customers search for their favorite products/brands, they will be able to view relevant offers. The offer headline will be visible under the main text ad along with a “View Offer” link.

 offer extensions and best practives

Offer Extension Best Practices:

Ensure your offer is redeemable at a physical location or for online-only offers, create a site link instead.

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Promote a clear offer. Include a $ or % detail and be sure to outline any terms and conditions in the offer text.

Aesthetics Matter. Append your business logo to your offer, a high quality image is recommended.

Give your offer extensions a chance to serve. Bid competitively to ensure your ad shows at the top of the page. Offer extensions only show in the top 3 positions.

Help your customers find you locations by giving them the address where the offer is redeemable.

Written By: Cheri Graziani – PPC

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