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What If the Web were the Tokyo Metro?

The Team

What if Google, Craigslist, CNN, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or Amazon were transit stops?


iA, a web development company based in Tokyo and Zurich, created the Web Trend Map based on the Tokyo Metro System to answer the question. The map is a representation of web associations. For example Twitter is located in Shibuya, which is the train station with the biggest buzz and Google and its network are in and around Shinjuku, which is the station that recieves the most traffic in the world.


There are tech establishments, major traffic hubs and online suburbs. You can evaluate each domain based on the station’s height, width and position on the map.


Each domain is based on traffic, revenue, and character. Major traffic hubs include Google, Yahoo, Disney, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple; while the online suburbs include websites and services like Neflix,,, Pandora and blogs, such as the Drudge Report, Daily Kos and the Huffington Post.


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Surrounding the Microsoft hub are connections to MSN, Internet Explorer, Xbox Live and MSNBC. And hanging out below the towering Microsoft tower is none other than Bill Gates himself. Not Far away is Steve Jobs and his Apple empire: iPhone and itunes.


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Searching the metro line you’ll find other Web Trend Map citizens along the way such as Google co-founder Larry Page, Facebook founder Matt Zukerburg, and Comedy Central’s John Stewart, host of The Daily Show.



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