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What is Vine & Can it be Used for Business?

Picture this:

It’s Saturday night, you’ve been looking forward to your favorite band. You arrive, the warm-up band just left the stage, and you can feel the crowd’s anticipation swelling. Suddenly the band comes out and strikes their first note… You want to capture that moment! How do you do it without missing a beat!?


6 seconds. You have 6 seconds to whip out your phone, open Vine, record your ticket, the band, the crowd, and your big smiling face. Done! The app does the rest: Post to Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, itself. There is also a place to write a message and include links. The most valuable thing that just happened here: real-time video via social media …because typing takes too long.


Before January 2013, it would’ve been difficult to produce and share something that quickly; but, with the help of Twitter’s new app, Vine, sharing information is now as fast as you can record it. Twitter has already proven, real time social media can change the world and its predecessor Vine is quickly creeping in the shadows and is getting ready to consume the way the next generation thinks.


Although this form of communication may not have been a new idea, the way Twitter is approaching it obviously is sending people and businesses all over the world a message. Assigning new meanings for symbols like “@” and “#”, no wonder why people consider it a language of its own.


The ability to turnaround a 6 second video is revolutionizing the way information is shared and is appeasing the short attention span of the masses. It has never been easier to go viral …one can only imagine what will happen when marketing and advertising truly monopolize it.


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So can you use Vine for business? Yes, but it’s all about how creative you are when using this new technology.


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