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What Makes an Awesome Logo?

Keep it simple, simple, simple!

A logo should work in a simple manner, without silly cliches or amateur photoshop effects (emboss & drop shadow anyone?). It’s an impression of your brand that will be remembered by those who view it. It should instill confidence and trust with your clients.

A correctly designed logo will appear sharp and legible from business card size to a full length billboard. It should also be crisp on monitors and mobile devices. Logos should ALWAYS WORK IN BLACK AND WHITE or grayscale.

Food for thought…
When That! Company presents logos to clients, we work in black and white 1st. Introducing color too early distracts them 99% of the time from picking a logo direction. They focus on the hue of blue instead of layout, font choice, etc. Makes designers go ARRRRRGGGG!

Once a direction is chosen, then we introduce color options.

And now you know, and knowing is half of the design process!


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Written By: Izaak Hale, Web Design Manager 

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