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Recently, a long term client asked me to prepare documentation on what we do as a company. Having been a long term client, you may ask, “why would a client who you have worked with on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis for many years need information on what you do?”

The Back Story
Within the past year, this long term client went through a corporate breakup. A split between two long time business partners, creating two distinct corporations, one, the corporation that our various contracts were held under and the other, a newly formed corporation with no existing contracts in place. It was a very difficult time period for all involved. My contact remained with one of the now former business partners, and the newly formed corporation, and the other business partner took their search engine optimization (SEO), web development / maintenance and pay per click (PPC) advertising management to another digital advertising agency, leaving us with no binding contracts in place.

Due to our long term relationship,(nine years and running), we continued to operate under good faith, handshake terms until new contracts could be put in place with the newly formed corporation. We kept our relationship with our contact, wrote new contracts with the newly formed corporation and remained managing SEO, PPC and web development / maintenance for the two online properties that went with the new corporation. Without divulging too much information, over the course of working with this client, we have provided services for eight different online properties. The services provided have consisted of:

  • Search Engine Optimization – Active Ongoing Management; Respecification To Keep Up With Algorithm Changes; Respecification To Correct Changes Made By Others
    • Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign Management
    • Web Site Development – Building New Sites; Re-Buidling Older Sites; Hosting
    • Graphic Design – PPC Landing Page Development; New Website Graphics

My contact has been an engaged customer for the entire time of our working relationship, understanding most all aspect of the services that we provide. Recently, the new owner became inquisitive as to what we do and wanted to hear directly from us over and above our contact’s description of what we do. I put together a list of services that we currently provide and of services that we have provided in the past which, I want to share with you today.
This was a great opportunity to ‘refresh’ what we actually do, since many in the SEO, PPC, Web Development industry that work with long term clients who ‘get it’, get conditioned to ‘do’ instead of ‘explain’ or even have the opportunity to explain. For many in the SEO, PPC, Web Dev industry, this will be a mundane list, but for those new to the industry or those needing to ‘refresh’ may find this enlightening. For the purpose of this post, all client information shall remain anonymous and referred to as Old Corporation, New Corporation,,,, etc…

For the Old Corporation we have provided the following services:
SEO, Web Development – Rebuild of an older site to new look and feel and new administration system, Web Maintenance – Hosting and administration upgrades as needed, Graphic Design


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Web Development – New site development for new online property, SEO, PPC, Web Maintenance – Hosting and administration upgrades as needed, Graphic Design
SEO, PPC, Respecification (corrections) to new website after development by others failing to maintain key elements of pre-existing SEO implemented on original site, Web Maintenance – administration upgrades as needed, Site hosted by others
Web Development – Rebuild of an older site to new look and feel and new administration system, Web Maintenance – Hosting and administration upgrades as needed, SEO, PPC, Graphic Design
SEO, PPC, Web Development 1 – Rebuild of an older site to new look and feel and new administration system, Web Development 2 – Second Rebuild of site to upgrade to new, different, more secure administration system, Web Maintenance – Hosting and administration upgrades as needed, Graphic Design
Web Development – Rebuild of an older site to new look and feel and new administration system, PPC
SEO, PPC, Site built and hosted by others
SEO, PPC, Web Development – Rebuild of an older site to new look and feel and new administration system, Graphic Design

Current SEO Consulting Services Summary For the New Corporation consisting of the following two online properties: & For both accounts we perform the following activities/tasks on a regular ongoing:

SEO Content Creation and Posting
This task involves creating SEO keyword content utilizing keywords of importance as identified in our keyword research process and consisting of a document of a proprietary number of words on the page, creating and implementing SEO elements such as page titles, h1 tags, meta-descriptions, search engine friendly URLs, correct keyword usage (density, placement on the page), internal link building, posting to the site, adding appropriate images with proper alt/title tags, testing for functionality and submitting to the Google Index via the Fetch/Render tool in Google’s Search Console.

Backlink Monitoring and Disavowal Submittals when Necessary

This task involves identifying good links to the site from outside sources and approving and bad links to the site for disavowal. Each link is submitted to our proprietary software to gather the data required by Google for the disavowal request (a process that was done manually after the initial backlink penalty became active); the link, the contact email plus it provides additional information to determine whether to keep the link or request a removal before making a disavowal request.
Once this data is gathered, each link must be manually reviewed (by visiting the page with the link to the site) and evaluating the quality. At this time an email request is triggered to be sent to the site owner requesting removal of the link or placing a no follow tag. At the end of 7 days, if the request is not met, a disavowal file, in a specific format required by Google, is created by our proprietary tool and a disavowal request is manually submitted to the disavowal process, made available by Google via the Search Console Disavow Links Tool.

Google Search Console Monitoring – Taking Any Action That May be Necessary

  • This task involves reviewing the data provided in the Google Search Console tool and includes:
    • Reviewing Search Console Messages and taking any action necessary
    • Reviewing and creating Data Highlighter tasks as necessary – Currently we have the Specials page and the Location page for both sites Data Highlighted
    • Reviewing HTML Improvements data and making any changes as necessary – HTML improvements include: duplicate meta descriptions, long meta descriptions, short meta descriptions, title tags & non-indexable content
    • Reviewing the Links to Your Site data which can help to identify possible infected/suspicious pages on the server and provides the data for links to the site for use in the disavowal process
    • Review of the Manual actions data which provides a notice that Google found infected / malicious pages on the site and provides a methodology for notifying Google that the infected/malicious pages have been removed from the server
    • Reviewing the Mobile Usability data to ensure that the site is mobile friendly or not and taking any actions necessary
    • Reviewing the Index Status data to ensure that the site is functioning properly for index and to identify trouble areas
    • Reviewing the Content Keywords data to ensure that the sites are being viewed for the right keywords in the eyes of Google
    • Reviewing the Crawl Errors data to identify errors with the site, such as: Soft 404s, 403 Access Denied response codes, 404 Not Found response codes, 500 Server Errors, DNS Server Communication Errors, Server Connection Errors and Robots.txt Fetch Errors
    • Reviewing the Crawl Stats data to detect problems with the number of pages crawled per day, kilobytes downloaded per day and time spent downloading a page
    • Utilizing the Fetch as Google (Fetch / Render) tool as needed to ensure that pages are being crawled correctly and also to submit new / revised/updated pages to the Google Index after an acceptable Fetch/Render request
    • Review of the Robots.txt Tester data to ensure that the robots.txt is functioning properly, no incorrect blocks were applied or to spot compromise
    • Review of the Sitemaps data (.xml sitemap) to ensure that pages submitted are getting indexed and to act upon any warnings indicated
    • Review of the Security Issues data for any notifications of malware / malicious content found

Internal Link Structuring

This task involves creating correct links from one page to another page on the site to either build anchor text keyword links, appropriate subject matter links or both. Links built correctly can help the page being linked to while incorrectly built links can harm the page being linked to.

SEO Site Audits

  • This task involves the use of several different software tools that identify problematic areas of the site such as:
    • Missing meta descriptions
    • Duplicate meta descriptions
    • Meta descriptions that are either too short or too long
    • Missing page titles
    • Duplicate page titles
    • Page titles that are either too short or too long
    • Missing / multiple h1 tags / h2 tags
    • Duplicate content
    • Missing Image alt / title tags
    • Missing link title tags
    • Broken internal links
    • Missing canonical reference tags
    • Internal links with incorrectly placed no-follow tags
    • Pages with low word count
    • Pages with matching H1 tags and title content
    • Pages with too many links
    • Pages blocked in the robots.txt file
    • Missing robots.txt file
    • Invalid .xml sitemap format
    • Incorrect URLs in the .xml format
    • Broken images
    • Slow loading pages
    • Etc…

Keyword Research/Identification

This task involves using several different software tools that identify keywords relative to the sites and provides necessary data to determine the value and competition of a keyword such as:
• Average monthly search volume
• Importance to competitors
• Competitor evaluation (how important does your competition consider this keyword)
• Number of page titles (on the internet) with the keyword
• Number of pages (on the internet) with the keyword in the text
• Competition Analysis (where does your competitor current rank in the Google SERPs for the keyword)

Industry standard math is then applied to the above data and then proprietary math is applied to determine the overall difficulty of gaining an acceptable ranking result versus your competition. This keyword analysis is used to determine the strategies for SEO content creation, top level page keyword assignment for new and existing top level pages (page title, meta description, page link building, content creation), internal link building, inbound link building and image tagging.

Update of Search Console Data Highlighter for Specials Pages
This task involves updating the Specials page Data Highlighting tool in the Google Search Console for each special.

Customer Assistance

This task is supplied as needed and consists of, but is not limited to:
• Price changes
• Administration system instruction
• Updating existing pages as needed
• Image updating as needed
• Documentation/Reports as needed

Site Restructuring/Respecification Based Upon Current Google SEO Specifications
This task involves updating each site to new specifications as rolled out by Google and can consist of, but is not limited to:
• Link restructuring (appearance, removal, additions)
• Meta description revisions
• Page title revisions
• H1/H2 tag removal/additions
• Existing content revisions/removals/additions
• Site re-structuring (currently underway for Specific Tasks
• All of the Above
• Queued Up Re-Structuring of the Linking Structure Of The Site Based Upon Results From Restructuring Recently Implement and Currently Under Daily Monitoring
• 189 Keywords under Current Active Management
• 700 Backlinks are Under Active Management / Review
• 33 Backlinks are Approved
• 5 Backlinks are Disavowed
• 33 Domains Are Disavowed Specific Tasks
• All of the Above
• Restructing Link Structure of the Site Based upon Recent Changes to the Google Search Results Algorithm
• 153 Keywords Under Current Active Management
• 100 Backlinks Under Current Active Management / Review
• 0 Backlinks are Approved
• 0 Backlinks are Disavowed
• 0 Domains are Disavowed

Below are a Sampling Of Several Of The Most Searched Keywords Currently For Both and And Show How Some Keywords Of Less Importance (lower available search volume) Have Become More Important Over Time (increased available search volume), Highlighted In Green, How Some Keywords Have Decreased In Their Importance, Highlighted In Red And How Some Keywords Have Maintained Their Importance, Shown In Black.
These Tables Show The Volatility In Your Keyword Space And Why It Is Important To Continually Monitor And Research Keywords On A Regular Basis. Search volumes represent average monthly searches for the exact match keyword phrase. Keyword Current Volume Previous Volume
Keyword 1 2400 2900
Keyword 2 27100 6600
Keyword 3 27100 27100
Keyword 4 12100 8100
Keyword 5 12100 40500
Keyword 6 4400 2400
Keyword 7 3600 1600
Keyword 8 2900 880
Keyword 9 2400 1300
Keyword 10 2400 1300
Keyword 11 2400 260
Keyword 12 2400 1600
Keyword 13 1900 480
Keyword 14 1900 1600
Keyword 15 1900 390
Keyword 16 1600 390
Keyword 17 1300 320
Keyword 18 1300 1000
Keyword 19 1000 590
Keyword 20 1000 1600 Keyword Current Volume Previous Volume
Keyword 1 135000 18500
Keyword 2 8100 5400
Keyword 3 6600 1900
Keyword 4 5400 6600
Keyword 5 2900 3600
Keyword 6 2400 2900
Keyword 7 2400 1300
Keyword 8 2400 1000
Keyword 9 2400 1000
Keyword 10 2400 880
Keyword 11 2400 4400
Keyword 12 1900 320
Keyword 13 1900 1600
Keyword 14 1600 390
Keyword 15 1000 1900
Keyword 16 1000 390
Keyword 17 880 1600
Keyword 18 720 1000
Keyword 19 720 480
Keyword 20 590 2400

I think that I have covered most everything that we are doing and have done for this client during the contract engagement term. It is a pretty exhaustive list when you put it to paper.

– Mark Gray, Senior SEO Manager

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