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What's the best way to advertise online for social media – Google PPC or Facebook Ads?

goo vs face

goo-vs-faceThe great thing about social media marketing is that you can proactively reach out to those that aren’t even looking for your product yet. Your target market surrounds themselves with great social identifiers and all you have to do is determine what those identifiers are and then launch a campaign directed at them. The Facebook advertising platform allows you not only to target specific demographics, but it also allows you to target specific interests and information that your customers put on their profiles. Looking to reach key decision makers within a company? They list their title on their Facebook profiles and you can target them. Want to reach out to a specific interest group in a certain area? Facebook allows you to reach the masses quickly and with That Company’s help efficiently.

With Google PPC you’re playing the waiting game. They have already recognized their need for your product/service and they’re looking for you. It’s exceptionally important to have a PPC Campaign and SEO Campaign to reach these customers, but it is not necessarily the place to promote your social media properties unless you’re a social media product or service. Instead you need to focus those campaigns on sending people back to your site. We do recommend that you capture people on your site by promoting your Facebook page/Twitter account. This will give you an additional contact point and a way to stay in front of them in their every day lives, but make sure you are driving them to fill out a contact form or finish their purchase before you distract them with Facebook and potentially lose the conversion. There is a fine line and you need to know how to properly send your customers through the conversion funnel and then get them to connect with you on social networks. By doing so correctly you can increase the potential for repeat business.

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