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Where is SEO Going?

As we work here in the SEO field trying to figure out what Google wants from a website to let it rank better, we are seeing a building trend of how things are likely to be in the future. There is a known divide between style of SEO commonly referred to as White Hat and Black Hat. Black Hat SEO uses all the short cuts and anything that works right now. White Hat, on the other hand, focuses more on long term benefits and solid work that will pay off and keep doing so.


As a company whose businesses is based on fulfilling the public’s needs, Google has chosen to make sure that they will have business for years to come rather than milking the public for a quick buck. This rolls over into their website rankings, the bread and butter of SEO. Google wants to make sure that people use their search engine for years to come. To ensure that this happens, they are continually refining how they rank pages to make sure that people find what they want, and thus making it harder to easily rank pages.

Our challenge as a White Hat SEO company is to predict what Google is up to and what they will want and make sure that our clients’ sites adhere to what works now and what Google will want in the future.

Written by: Cam Verkaik,

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