Why Social Media Optimization Matters

Last Updated on November 10, 2017

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a process that allows your content to be shared across the social web. When your content is accessible through social media access points, widgets and web applications, your content can be viewed by as many consumers as possible. A social media optimization strategy is a great way to supplement other optimization strategies, such search engine optimization. facebook1


Why should you care about SMO? Studies have shown an increasing number of websites gaining more and more traffic through social networking efforts. Social Media Optimization has changed the way many consumers share information about brands and products with their friends and family. This new form of brand interaction is known as social referral traffic. It allows consumers to connect with brands and products and share information and opinions with other consumers instantly through social media websites.

The amount of social referral traffic you receive depends on two factors: the quality of your content and how easy the  information be shared across multiple social outlets? Social media optimization can increase traffic to your website when friends share information about the content it contains with their friends. Using widgets, badges, content sharing buttons (Share This/ Add This) and social comments can enhance the number of people who view and discuss your content and website. When you make information available through social network tools, you can fully optimize your chances at gaining the attention of consumers who can share or refer your content to friends within their social network.

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