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Why Think Locally?

why think locally

You should be looking at Google Local or Bing’s Places for Business. Most businesses can capitalize on being in their local search. If the business has a brick and mortar location, or if it is a home business that services a specific targeted location, you will get the most benefit out of going through the process.

Understand that when the search engines display a local result, typically it is less than 10 businesses and, depending on the engine, are either  displayed before all organic search or before organic result #3. This places listings in very valuable locations both from an aspect of interest and from the aspect of easy geographic identification. Both Google and Bing will display a map next to the listing for people to use a graphical cue for business location.


Depending on the difficulty of the organic competition and market demographic, a local listing will have a better immediate result than an organic listing. To make certain that your local listing is setup proper for your company, call us and have a sales representative help you get on the right path for local success!

Written by: Brian Rider

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