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You Have More Leads Than You Think!

Agencies – You Have More Leads Than You Think! – Let Me Show You.

Many new agencies are constantly struggling to get the leads they need to get their firms off the ground. They run Facebook ads, Google Ads, and work on SEO to only get a lead or two. The problem is Google Analytics is only half the story. It will tell you that you’ve had visitors, but only if you knew who those visitors are! Well, you can…

The fact is only 3% of your web traffic is likely going to convert. It’s time to connect with the 97% who don’t.

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We’ve partnered with a software development firm to bring you software that is going to tell you what companies are visiting your site.

If you could identify companies that are visiting your site, but not filling out forms or calling you, would you call them? What if you knew that your marketing message intrigued them enough to click, but they didn’t follow through? Would you proactively pick up the phone, call them, and get them booked into a meeting?

So many new marketing firms only have a few hundred dollars to spend on generating traffic to their site. You shouldn’t run that kind of campaign without this software on your site! Even if you don’t call them you might as well capture this kind of data to know if you’re reaching your true target market! But you might as well call them too!


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Today there is an average of 3-5% of prospects visiting your website who will fill out a form; or, in the rarest of cases, call you. That means you are losing 95-97% of all the people who were checking you out.

So How Do You Get Started?

There are 4 steps after you get your free 14 Day Trial – Register Now

Step 1: Register your website

Registration takes less than 60 seconds.

Step 2: Enable website tracking

Install unique tracking code on your website.

Step 3. Get live company leads

Get notified of each new visit through your email or portal.

Step 4. Close more business

Contact the window shoppers to close a deal!

Most companies operate like a bad retail store

Imagine a retail store that had 100 people walk in every day to look around your store. But something felt off in this store – no one would ever stop to help you. This happened because the store manager told all the sales associates that they are not allowed to approach the customer and ask how they were doing; or, heaven forbid if you could answer any of their questions.

Think about the amount of business this store would be forced to give up since many potential customers might simply need questions answered before buying.

So, there the sales associates are grinding every day to make sure at least 1 of those 3 people who ask THEM a question buy something so they aren’t out of a job.  Ridiculous, right?

Think of the marketing guy who spends hours putting out ads all over town and attracting hundreds of people to the store, but couldn’t turn them into customers because the store manager told the sales team not to approach the customer. But what if you could talk to those people who were clearly interested – because they clearly drove to your store and walked in!

You’re losing 97% of your leads!

What this bad retail store does happens every second on your website. What if you have a decent flow of visitors coming into your site, say 100 per month. According to statistics, only 3% of all your website traffic will contact you. So, if you are only hearing from 3% of all your traffic, what happened to the 97% that you didn’t hear from? GONE.

Likely gone to a competitor, because they probably reached out to them. Sure, it’s great when you have 100 solid leads coming in a month, but what about the 400 leads you already paid for and lost!? Aren’t you tired of getting 3 leads per 100 visits? How is that worth all the effort?

Your paid advertising and organic traffic efforts WORKS, but why wouldn’t you want to 10x something that works without paying 10X. That’s why our SEO private label service built a relationship where we could offer you 14 days free, so you could gain value first, then buy a piece of software (often costing you less than 1 lead would)

Ready to uncover leads that you already have?

James Smith (Founder of the software) shares his situation:

“Over 2 years ago, I was in this same situation with my marketing clients. Although I was running successful marketing campaigns for my clients, I wanted a way to increase ROI that was beyond traditional online marketing strategies.

Which is when I discovered a secret. This secret helped bring me 4 times as many leads for my own websites that my Google Analytics couldn’t tell me. I was hooked.

At this point, you’re saying, sure that sounds great James, but TELL ME, how could I possibly know who went to my site if they didn’t tell me?

SIMPLE. Here’s the secret: IP tracking for Businesses. With IP tracking, you can reveal the company that is associated with that visit. Imagine having the knowledge of knowing who visited your site, so you can reach out to them and answer their questions!

With this secret in hand, I began to develop a solution that allowed me to easily get notified when a company visited my website. I realized that if I could at least know who was “window shopping”, I could reach out to them to close more business that wouldn’t have existed before! It was like leads were falling from the sky with no extra effort!”

So, let’s make an example: John, the sales manager at ACME marketing company is trying to figure out how to get more leads to his sales guys who are dying for more. With the IP tracking software, he gets notified via email the companies that showed interest by visiting his website. Then his salesmen contact them–simple as that!

You don’t have to be great in sales:

So now you say, this all sounds great, but I’m not a slick sales guy who is good on the phone. Perfect! Think about how you interact with your current customers. How hard is it to pick up the phone and ask them how your service is going with them? Easy? Think back to the retail store, how hard is it to talk to someone with is already looking at a product in your store and ask if there are any questions you could answer.

Still reading? Go get signed up for the free 14-day trial my friend – Sign Up Here

ThatCompany! makes it quite easy to run a digital marketing firm. Think about it.

1: You invest $500 in Facebook ads.

  1. You use this software.
  2. Get Leads.
  3. You set the appointment.
  4. We help close the deal and completely handle servicing the customer.
  5. You bill the client each month.

Pretty straightforward if you ask me! Here’s to your success!

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