Who Is On Twitter? Your Clients, and You Should Be, Too

Last Updated on January 26, 2022

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In the past decade, many social networking websites have been created. These social media platforms have developed to meet both business and personal needs for communication. One such website is Twitter. Twitter is a real-time social networking website that provides individuals with the opportunity to share and make observations about the global market. There are about 500 million Tweets sent every day.

Twitter for Businesses is a unique concept, because it gives companies the opportunity to provide a small glimpse of their offerings via a social media platform. Short messages, called “tweets,” are small soundbites of information that are delivered to followers (consumers and potential consumers). Twitter is a great forum for sharing links and snapshots – and also for customer engagement.

Through this social platform, followers can see updates and communicate with business owners or customer service personnel. The presence of business on social networking sites has created a new level of accessibility and accountability within the arena of e-commerce. Customer satisfaction is more important than ever, because consumers can very easily and publicly express displeasure with sub-par products and services.

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A significant percentage of Twitter users are accessing the website via mobile devices, which means Twitter represents a greater opportunity to integrate into the lives on consumers. Barriers to meaningful connection between business and consumers are being eliminated with the development of innovative technology.

Business can initiate and join discussions regarding their products and services, and more directly gather data to assess their marketing success and tailor their offerings to clients. Twitter can be used to promote product offerings, make customers aware of new products, and gather feedback regarding said products. I tweet my friends, my family, my boss, and yes, now I tweet Sprint, too.

Written by: Gabrielle Brown-Samuels, SEO Coordinator

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