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iPad Magazines

Wired Magazine sells 24,000 copies in one day It turns out iPad may be a viable platform for magazines. Wired magazine sold more than 24,000 iPad apps on its first day in the App Store. Many geeks prefer wired’s content just as much as they do the latest technology, which is probably a reason why […]

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fb privacy

Zuckerberg: “We just Missed the Mark”

Facebook unveils new, easy to use privacy settings   Faced with a potential mass exodus by Facebook users to other social networking sites because of cumbersome privacy settings and the perception that advertisers were using member’s information,  Facebook has simplified the privacy control settings to give users more control over their information.   The new privacy […]

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Virtual Farm advertises in Real World

The last thing you want to think about while quenching you thirst with a delicious cherry-flavored 7-11 Slurpee is whether or not you forgot to reap your FarmVille Beets. 7-11 announced it will soon offer FarmVille branded products that will unlock special 7-11-branded items in the popular Facebook game. Count game-maker Zynga’s Mafia Wars and […]

Happy B-Day Pac-Man

How many times did Pac-Man die today and how many ghosts did he eat? Well, hopefully he ate more of Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde than he died. Afterall, it is the P-Mans 30th birthday.     If you didn’t already hear, Google changed its homepage logo into a fully playable version of the game. People […]

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Facebook’s Web of Privacy

We’ve all heard about the controversy surrounding Facebook’s new privacy policy. With more than 50 privacy settings with more than 170 options, users must opt out if they want to keep their information private.   Facebook makes its users information public by default, enabling thrid-party websites gather information on Facebook users. Some that information can […]

Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

Facebook has taken a lot of flack lately over its default privacy settings, prompting Facebook flight. The social networking website MySpace, which at one time had more users than Facebook, is trying to steal away users by offering them more control over their privacy settings. A group of New York University students are also trying to […]

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YouTube Turns 5

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Internet users began grasping for their 15 minutes of fame or peering deeper into issues and people’s lives by harnessing the power of YouTube. In only five years time, YouTube has gone from an interesting social experiment to a pop culture icon and staple in many people’s lives. You […]

Little Known Facts About Facebook

Who has the most popular Facebook Page? How many hours are spent each month poking friends, playing Farmville and writing on Facebook walls?  What is the fastest growing demographic in America pouncing on the social networking website? Below are a few interesting Facebook Facts. The infographic was created by     [Source: via]   For […]



Twitter Beta Testing Business Center

Twitter is beta testing its latest feature: the “Twitter Business Center,” Mashable reported.   According to the company “only a handful of accounts have these features presently;” however, Twitter expects the list of company’s using the business center to grow, Mashable reported. The business center gives businesses the ability to accept direct messages on the […]