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Facebook's Web of Privacy

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We’ve all heard about the controversy surrounding Facebook’s new privacy policy. With more than 50 privacy settings with more than 170 options, users must opt out if they want to keep their information private.


Facebook makes its users information public by default, enabling thrid-party websites gather information on Facebook users. Some that information can be used against Facebook subscribers in an effort to sell them products and services or other nefarious acts. The New York Times published an article on May 13 reporting the criticism Facebook has recieved from users, government officials and privacy group.

Yesterday suggested  to our readers who use Facebook to take their information into their own hands and scan their Facebook profile  privacy setting using (The Reclaim Privacy site is no longer up and runnning, the address at” no longer works.) Reclaim Privacy, a web application that will tell you where you are most vulnerable.


Below is a New York Times informational graphic showing the intricate list of privacy settings, length of the Facebook privacy policy and comparisons to social networking websites.


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