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What Are Offer Extensions and Best Practices

Offer extensions allow advertisers to promote special deals alongside their text ads. When customers search for their favorite products/brands, they will be able to view relevant offers. The offer headline will be visible under the main text ad along with a “View Offer” link.   Offer Extension Best Practices: Ensure your offer is redeemable at […]

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Google’s Yellow Ad Icon

Google is now displaying a yellow “ad” icon next to search results.  This expansion is now being seen across all desktop searches in the US. This video will show you how the icons are appearing and how to manage what advertisers that you want to block. Note: Ads are also being served with demographic data […]

Linking Adwords to Analytics

Mid 2013 Google has made it a little easier to link Adwords and Analytics. Linking the two gives you access to import goals, conversions, metrics, and remarketing lists from Google Analytics into Your Google Adwords account. Likewise, your Adwords data will import into your Google Analytics account. First make sure your auto-tagging is turned on […]


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How to ensure SEO success

There are no guarantees in life, but there are intelligent ways to invest your money. SEO takes time and a lot of effort in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you want to ensure you’re headed down the most profitable route for your company; then it is That Company’s recommendation; that you test […]

Forrester Says Facebook Is Failing Marketers

Forrester is global research and advisory firm and someone that many businesses listen to. They wrote an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg. The open letter talks about how Facebook collected more than $4 billion in advertising revenues last year as almost every big company is now using Facebook as part of their marketing strategy. Even […]


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Why is a sitemap important for SEO?

This one should come straight from a book titled “S.E-Uh Oh’s & Advice for Beginners” Search engine optimization can be a daunting task involving many variables that can make or break your rankings after hours upon hours of work. If it were all about building it and letting the masses come, then everyone would be […]