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Best Practices For Creating Ad Variations

Writing Ad Creatives can be difficult for some, but if you follow a few simple steps, you at least have the ground work for creating good ads. The main idea behind the steps I have listed below are all based around relevance, visibility and testing. Throw these in the pool with Call To Actions and Engaging content, and you have a winning recipe for GREAT!

Use Your Keywords In Your Ad Creatives

There probably are a number of objects that you would like to include in your Ad Creatives, but let’s face facts: you only have a limited space to utilize. Fitting everything you want to say into 35 characters within in your Description Lines (25 characters, for your Headline) proves to always be a pain. However, one thing you MUST do is keep it relevant! Use your keywords in your ad creatives without stuffing.

Most people like to use at least one keyword variation in their Headline, and use it at least once anywhere in the ad. Using it in the Headline will BOLD that term when someone uses it in their search. BONUS! The most important advantage is that searchers are usually more engaged with ads that look to be the most relevant to what it is that they originally searched for. By using Dynamic Keyword Insertion in your ads you are almost always assured of this.

Use Your Ad Extensions

There are a number of different Ad Extensions that Google offers now. It used to be only SiteLinks or a phone number, but now they have so much more. They have SiteLinks, Call Extensions, Location Extensions, Review Extensions, Callout Extensions, App Extensions and Structured Snippet Extensions. There are now so many ways which Google offers for us to take up more real estate than years ago.


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The larger your ad appears, the more attention it draws. Increased visibility equals increased brand awareness. Increased brand awareness equals more traffic. More traffic equals more opportunity for leads or sales. More leads and/or sales equals increased revenue and decreased CPA, so use your ad extensions!

Add Multiple Ad Creatives To Each Ad Group To Test

By adding three to four Ad Creatives to each Ad Group, you can get a larger sample range for more ads. Rather than test two ad creatives for 30 days, you can test three ads for 30 days, and then pick a winner from those three. Then continue to run the remaining two for another 30 days after which they will have run for a total of 60 days instead of just 30. Larger sample sizes equals better results!

Set Your Ad Rotation To “Rotate Indefinitely”

Here is where Google and I disagree. If you are using automated features in your Adwords account, then maybe you will be better off utilizing their customization settings. I’ve always been partial to running these tests myself, and therefore I always keep my Ad Rotations set to “Rotate Indefinitely.” This way you will always have an equal amount of data to compare each ad variation against when you make you decisions to cut under-performing ads.

Ed Cehi, Senior SEM Manager

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