Write a Blog or Get Flogged

Does your organization have a tough time generating good quality content? What can you do to correct the issue?

1. Repurpose. Don’t use a piece of content one time. What a waste! You probably have good content being generated somewhere in your organization every day. It may not be generated or exist in a central location, but in various small areas. You may simply have to capture it and make a few edits.

  • Example 1: Did you write something great detailing your processes for a new proposal layout? With a few edits you can use it to fuel your blog, social media campaign, or email marketing efforts. In this way, you may see an SEO benefit from it.
  • Example 2: Are you about to give a seminar soon? Record it! It might not be a blog, but VLOGs are well received. In fact, if what you have to say is really good, videos are actually more likely to be shared with others.
  • Example 3: Did you just explain something to a client/prospect in a lengthy email? Did you include snapshots or screen shots? That’s perfect! Take out any client-sensitive information and use it as a blog post that could help solve similar problems others might be having.

2. Curate. You don’t have to come up with all of this on your own. Get a few tips from experts in your industry, and write it in your own words. Make sure you’re adding to the conversation, not simply rewriting it.

3. Q&A.; Did you post something in the past that received questions on social media? Pick up one of those questions and write a concise, professional answer. Follow-ups to a past topic are perfect, and won’t take long to write.

Or perhaps you’re attending an industry seminar, and people are submitting questions to be answered. Write them down, and answer them later in follow up blogs. That’s exactly what we did when we attended a Vistage Social Media Seminar. Here’s a full list of “The Top Social Media Quetions CEOs Have.”

“But Mike, I really don’t have the time! There’s no possible way.”

In that case, you have three options: hire internally, use a freelancer, or hire externally. If you don’t have the time, then hire the talent. This can range from having an existing employee pick up the slack, finding good freelancers (via Contently, Elance, Freelancer, ODesk), or even hiring an external firm such as ours to take care of creating your content calendar and pushing out the kind of content those in your industry crave.


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The fact is, content is still King. It’s not easy to make good quality content, but if you’re willing to be resourceful, it’s not hard either. You need to work intentionally, and make sure you can appropriately repurpose what you’re already doing.

— Mike Knorr, Director of Marketing