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The Top Social Media Questions CEO's Have.

social media questions

Top social media questions Ceo's haveWritten by That Company’s CEO Ken Knorr-  When I was part of a Vistage Social Media in the Workplace, CEO’s from various industries through out Florida sat down to write out their social media questions. In 10 minutes there were already 99 questions listed! Everyone wants to know what Social Media has to offer their business and many are confused at the potential. With the recent release of Google Plus and their skyrocket growth (Update: Or so it was at that time. HA! Now Google+ has been abandoned by Google) it’s no wonder they had so many questions. From there they were asked to narrow down their questions to a list of 10 questions by voting on the questions they thought were the most important. The need for information is so great the best they could do was limit themselves to 11 questions. CEO’s are dying to know everything they can about social media. Four out of eleven questions asked questions were specifically about measuring Return on Investment (ROI). Let me address the main concern. You can most definitely measure the ROI of your Social Media Marketing Campaign. We have made sure to answer all of the top social media question in our blog and I hope you find this to be a useful resource. If you have a question of your own then like us on Facebook and ask us there, or follow us on Twitter. Good luck!


The Top Social Media Questions CEO’s Have:

The first four questions were about ROI just asked in different ways.

1. How do you measure ROI with social media?

2. How do you determine ROI?

3. How do you measure social media results?


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4. What are the measurable business benefits of social media?


5. Should I Block Social Media Access?

6. Does social media work for B2B?

7. What’s the best way to advertise online for social media – do you use Google PPC or Facebook Ads or both?

8. Can you use social media as a basis for termination

9. How do you monitor what is said about your company?

10. What are the best social media sites to use for my business?

11. How do we access potential customers on social media?

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