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Your First Google Adwords Campaign – Part Two

Tips On Creating An Effective Ad

The thing about creating an effective ad is making sure that it blends in with the rest of the campaign seemlessly. What I mean by this is that your Ads should be just a step in the natural progression of someone doing a search and ultimately finding their desired results. The closer you can come to perfection with this the better off your campaigns and ad groups will do.

Think about it like this:

  • User has a thought of what they want to search on
  • The users keywords they input into Google should be ones your campaign is running if you’ve done your research and planning well enough
  • Your ad groups should be centered around groupings of these words
  • Those same words should be used in your ads
  • They should take you to a page that matches the keywords as closely as possible.
  • What you don’t want to happen is have them disjointed enough that the end user does there search, clicks through  your ad and gets to you page where nothing matches the original thought they had.

So if I’m searching on red basketball sneakers I want to make sure that my keywords contain possibly a phrase match “red basketball sneakers”. After getting the results back from the search and seeing the listed ads I’d want my ad to show something like

Red Basketball Sneakers (as the headline ideally)

From there I could ad in other selling points and perks of said red basketball sneakers, such as price, quality and shipping options. This gives you a good chance to get a click through on your ad. Once the ad is clicked I want to make sure it directs them to a page containing “red basketball shoes.” What I don’t want to happen is to take them to my site and then make them find the desired shoe’s for themselves from drop down menus and searching through several pages of the site.

This is the basic structure for creating and an ad and I’m sure you’ll find that there are many many ways to set up an ad group. I think the best advice I can give you is to go into it with a plan. That will help to alleviate and gotcha’s that may pop up when you realize that your products tie together in many ways and overlap can and does often happen. Trust me, plan ahead and avoid this if at all possible as it’s not fun to clean up a messy campaign structure.

After creating your first ad you’ll need to provide some keywords to drive the ad in the Google auctions. Obviously depending on your ad group this will be vastly different each time you create one. That leads into understanding keywords and how they work to capture traffic for you.


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Keyword Match types

Broad match – not really used anymore as they are exactly as it says broad, and a simple broad keyword is very very broad when it comes to end user search. These will trigger and show an ad when any word in a phrase is searched on. These keywords don’t have to be in any order nor do they have to be all of what’s in your broad match.

Modified broad – which is the evolution of broad match keywords and includes a + in front of any word that you are telling Google has to be included in the search term to trigger your ad. When running broad match you have to include all of the words listed in your keyword entry, they just don’t need to be in any order.

Phrase Match – This type of search term tells google that no matter what is searched on your phrase match keywords have to be contained in that search in that exact order. Phrase match are denoted by encapsulating your phrase in “quotes”. So if I had a search phrase like “strawberry jam” it would show in auctions that contained searches on “strawberry jam on toast” or “do you like strawberry jam” but not in auctions for searches like “the best jam, strawberry or blueberry.”

Exact Match – Last there is the exact match which means Google will only show your ad if the person searching types in your exact match set of key words. Any more or any less and it will not show your ad. Exact match are denoted by using the [brackets] around your word or words.

By using these different match types in combination with each other in different circumstances you’ll ensure you’re ads are getting shown and at the best price to you possible. If you’re really going for the best overall CPC you really have to understand and utilize the power of the match types.

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