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In Google AdWords, You Can Accentuate the Negative

Turn Negatives Into Positives In Your Adwords Account

With all the search data that Google gives us to optimize our Adwords campaigns, one of the most critical pieces of data will actually be a “negative.” By “negative,” we are referring to a negative keyword.

As searchers browse the web looking for products or services that are similar to your own, there will likely be a few search queries that just aren’t quite relevant to what your product or service is. For instance, say that you sell “apples” from your online store, and someone looking for “apple fragrances” happens to click on your ad. This is not only a costly click generated from an irrelevant search, but the visitor probably clicked the back button after seeing that there were no fragrances on your site.

So, how do we remedy this with our PPC management of campaigns? We create “negative keyword” lists, so that your ads will not show for someone looking for fragrances, and only for those who are looking to buy apples. This kind of targeting means that the traffic you receive is now more likely to be looking for what you’re offering, and therefore more likely to make a purchase.

By immediately applying negative keywords, we’ve managed to increase the click through rate of one of our clients 2.43 percent, decrease their cost per click by 34.74 percent, and increase their conversion rate by 5.02 percent in just a few weeks’ time. Note that a relatively small increase in traffic accompanied a large decrease in the cost per click, with the conversion rate going up more than the click-through rate. These are all signs of receiving more targeted traffic, resulting in the client both saving expenses and making more sales. Thus, by creating a healthy and sizeable negative keyword list in your Google AdWords account, you can turn a “negative” into a budget-saving positive.

Bobby Pena, PPC Manager

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