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“The Great Resignation” was an interesting phenomenon that saw record-high resignation rates, with millions of people leaving their jobs. These people went on to re-evaluate their careers and their work values in the search for fulfilling jobs that align with those values and allow them to maintain more flexibility. Not only that but many of these workers that quit ended up switching career paths or fields of work.  This became known as the “Great Reshuffle.”

Because of the pandemic, industries experienced change at an alarmingly fast rate. As such, even in a few years, the skills and criteria needed to do jobs back then have changed today. This is something LinkedIn has become aware of. They published a post on their top 20 courses of 2022 and observed the incredible number of users taking them.

LinkedIn Learning community saw over 7.3 million users taking their most popular courses in 2022. This number is nearly twice the amount recorded in the previous year. This adds legitimacy to the ‘reskilling revolution,’ as Forbes called it.

What are these courses that people are so interested in? Let’s look at what they are all about and how you can take one of these top 20 LinkedIn courses. After all, even if you have a social media management company to take care of your profile, you may still want to level up your game in other areas.

What are the Top LinkedIn Courses?

It may not seem logical, but the most popular LinkedIn courses are not in the technical skills category.

Over the years, the Great Shuffle has died down a bit. With the job market cooling down, more and more people have focused on building and improving their skills. Because skills needed to do jobs today have changed, these individuals aim to learn new hard and soft skills that can help their careers in the long run and do what is needed, given their present circumstances.

Below are some of the 20 most popular LinkedIn courses of 2022.

Goal Setting: Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Goal Setting | A Cup Of Coffee, A Pen And A Tissue Paper That Has A Set Goals Get Results Writing On It.This course was #1 on the list. This is expected since the pandemic had companies and individuals constantly re-evaluating, re-prioritizing, and restructuring.

Objectives and key results (OKRs) are a popular goal-setting management framework. This can help individuals, teams, and companies set measurable goals and outcomes. The aim is to encourage individuals to work cooperatively and remain aligned with the same goal, set clear priorities, and motivate employees to do their work excellently.

In this course, instructor Jessie Withers discusses the concepts behind OKRs and the power of strategic goals, OKR fundamentals like how to design impactful OKRs, OKRs for groups, implementing OKRs, managing OKRs, accountability, and more.

Communicating with Confidence

This course tackles the quite common fear that people have of public speaking. Being able to communicate effectively, clearly, and confidently is an essential skill to hone in business.

That’s why Jeff Ansell coaches course-takers through speaking strategies, tools, and tips to help their confidence and improve their communication. He goes through concepts relating to body language, teaching the importance of appropriate gesturing, eye contact, and facial expressions. He makes points surrounding seemingly simple but important nuances like pausing, breathing, and slowing down. He even has a section that deals with nerves and anxiety to help speakers manage their fears. Whether it’s organizing your thoughts or the way you present them, this course provides practical ways to elevate your delivery in the next company meeting.

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Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence | A Woman Pointing To A Heart Shape GearEmotional intelligence is vital to building effective work relationships, improving emotional regulation during stressful situations, and other valuable benefits.

In this course, Gemma Roberts, an executive coach and organizational psychologist, defines emotional intelligence (EQ) and expands on its importance. She tackles topics such as self-awareness, managing one’s thoughts and emotions, and shifting perspectives for behavioral change. You’ll learn about building connections and aligning your intentions and your impact. She also talks about developing social awareness and connecting with empathy and communication for better collaborative relationships.

Learning the OWASP Top 10

Security breaches are a risk to everyone. Understanding what makes systems and their software vulnerable to such attacks is important. OWASP, or The Open Web Application Security Project, was created to supply the public with open-source software and other resources to help them identify security risks and upgrade their software security. OWASP publishes a top ten list of the biggest application security vulnerabilities every few years.

Caroline Wong, an application security expert, gives course-takers an overview of the 2021 OWASP Top 10. She details each vulnerability category, its prevalence, and how it affects systems. Though the course is directed at security experts and developers, the course is useful to anyone using web applications. Gaining a better understanding of these software security risks can allow you to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Power BI Essential Training

Power BI Essential Training | A Desktop That Has An Image of ChartsThis training program will help you learn how to use Power BI to quickly draw insights. Power BI is a robust set of business analytics tools that includes Power BI Desktop, Power BI Mobile, and the Power BI service. Using this suite, you can get better at generating more powerful visuals and share them more easily with collaborators.

Trainer Gini von Courter will get you off on the right foot as you use this beefy set of tools. She goes through the how-tos of the web-based Power BI service, including importing data and

building and organizing visualizations into reports. Then she talks about pinning them to dashboards so you can share them and asking questions through Power BI Q&A to understand your data better. Finally, she gives students a view of the Power BI Mobile tool and covers using the Power BI Desktop data modeling features.

If you choose this course, by the end of it, you can expect to be able to do several things with the tool suite. This means you can use the major functions in practice and not just learn about them in theory. This is key in any practical course of this nature because you will likely be learning it because you want to use it in your business.

Final Thoughts

“The Great Reshuffle” saw people getting invested in learning new hard and soft skills to improve themselves and better impact their team or organization. This can be said especially about the LinkedIn community as reflected by the most popular courses they’ve taken.

With some hard skill courses appearing for the first time on LinkedIn’s top 20 list, people also want to deepen their skill sets in their respective professions. Curiously, we did not see any popular social media courses. Of course, with white label reputation management services, you don’t need to study how to do better on social platforms. If you’re looking for white label digital marketing companies, we’re here to help.

This is only a glimpse at the top 20. LinkedIn Learning has even more courses and knowledge beyond the most popular 20 just waiting to be tapped. Whether you are currently job-hunting, unsatisfied with your current job, or desire to be a more effective member of whatever group or company you are a part of, investing in your improvement is never a wasted effort.

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