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How Are Digital Marketing Companies Making An Impact?

How Are Digital Marketing Companies Making An Impact.

How Are Digital Marketing Companies Making An Impact | An Office Table With Laptop, Coffee, Notes and Pen And a Mini Cart

Digital marketing may seem intimidating. No doubt it can be tiring to implement and look for a good white label marketing agency or digital marketing company. However, the results are immeasurable with brand popularity and customer recognition.

Your business cannot operate for long without an online presence. You may try to fight it, but it is simply impossible. To further prove our argument, we will learn how businesses use different digital marketing companies to their advantage.


Digital Marketing | A Hand Holding A Phone and a Cup of Coffee In Front Of An iPad Sitting Infront Of a TableThe financial niche is challenging to tap into, even with the presence of digital marketing. It is very mind-exhaustive and mentally draining. However, Mint did it by making a mark and beating its competitors to provide sustainable service. It goes to show when a digital marketing company works hard with impactful digital marketing strategies; it can indeed make a difference.

Its digital marketing is based on high-quality visual aids such as pictures and videos. The content is attractive, which makes customers want to learn more about the company. It is not a burden or perceived as such. Clever digital marketing can undoubtedly generate traction for the business.

Dollar Shave Club

When you watch your favorite content creator or influencer on YouTube, their videos are sometimes sponsored by Dollar Shave Club. The constant recognition and sponsorship online have resulted in over a million subscribers for the business. Each promotional video has 24 million views simply because of the catching and innovative digital marketing strategies by a great digital marketing company.

Dollar Shave Club is a testimony to not take digital marketing extremely seriously. Their entire marketing strategy is based on relatability, light-hearted content, and silly innuendoes to relate with the customers. At the end of the day, they are just razors and shavers, so they can become exhaustingly boring to advertise, but that is not the case for Dollar Shave Club.


The Wirecutter is another example of how a business can soar in a tough niche with constant dedication and out-of-the-box thinking of their digital marketing company team. Wirecutter works in the affiliate business, where they mention the top five in different categories. Either these are televisions or cameras; the lists are based on extensive search without any bias or misrepresentation.

Wirecutter links every product to its original advertisement or purchase site. These links can be to Amazon or directly to the manufacturer. Of course, Wirecutter earns based on commission as it provides immense publicity to businesses. Banners, ads and paid research are constantly bringing business exposure to the platform and its readers.


Customers have become tired of businesses constantly talking about themselves, their services, promotions, and discounts. JetBlue is a discounted airline that has realized the customer’s underlying irritation. Businesses that are constantly promoting themselves fail to establish a genuine connection with their customers.

JetBlue and its digital marketing company team, instead of promoting its discounts and promotions, use its social media to answer customer queries. Each customer is individually replied through their official Twitter account. The customer service team is smooth and smart. Customers feel heard, which results in repeated business. Promotion must always be balanced to resonate with the customers.

That’s why some companies are considering having white label social media programs. This is where companies hire an outside company to manage their social media accounts and marketing efforts. A white label social media program can be helpful and can help grow your business.


Marketing Strategies | A Group Of People Sitting On A Round Table With Their Laptops and PhonesWho has not logged into Yelp? Combining online reviews with social media networking is the epitome of promoting businesses based on customer perspectives. It was founded in 2004 and has become the central hub of information when it comes to reviews. With more than 150 million users monthly and 2.8 million business mentions, it continues to grow.

Furthermore, the comment section brings more information to the plate. This digital marketing companies strategy focuses on credibility rather than focusing on businesses. The platform does not remove or flag negative views. Yelp actually encourages reviewers to post frequently to educate the customers and businesses on how they can improve. It is essential the authenticity in these voices is not compromised.



Don’t have a car? No problem. Just order a Lyft that has been giving Uber a run for its money. It is a rideshare application that has become increasingly popular recently. The major contributor to its success is convenience and digital marketing. They encourage their customers to speak well of the brand to earn promotions.

Their drivers are agents to the business and are provided discount codes or referral links they can distribute in their social circles. It results in free promotional and customer loyalty when new customers have experienced the smooth services for the first time. Sometimes customers even earn free rides. Isn’t that a dream?

[bctt tweet=”Your business cannot operate for long without an online presence. You may try to fight it, but it is simply impossible.” username=”ThatCompanycom”]


You know a company is beyond its time when it uses a movie as promotional means. That is precisely what Lego did. Their top management now considers themselves as more than a toy manufacturer. They wanted to tackle more significant issues with the help of digital marketing.

The Lego Movie made reference to climate change and fluidity in sexual orientation. Lego aimed to discuss social issues by promoting acceptability in society. When you establish a brand that is more about the products, it stays with the customers longer. Creating a story helps businesses cross into international customers.


The list of the best digital marketing companies wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Tesla. It has grown its digital marketing team substantially with an online social media presence. It was established after Audi and BMW but surpassed their online presence with more than five million followers on Twitter.

Tesla does not overuse its social media accounts. They infrequently post at an average time of four to six times a month. However, when they post something informative and intriguing, it instantly attracts the customers to read more. Tesla also broadcasts live events, so global customers have internal access to these exclusive events. The company manages to eliminate customer classes which contribute to its sustainable online presence.

Digital Marketing Companies Success With Dove

Another famous brand that has made digital marketing companies successful is Dove. Its commercials are meant to break the standards of beauty and focus on skin and hair nourishment. As Dove understands their products are part of a bigger picture, it is not about looking better but feeling better. Most of us are very insecure about our appearance, our skin, and our hair. Dove intends to eliminate these feelings by providing a boost from within.

Brands need to understand the underlying pain present in their customers. Humans are beautiful creatures, and creating commercials that provoke this thinking will hugely impact the customers. It’s about accomplishing long-term future goals than providing temporary relief that wears off in a few days.

Planet Fitness

Digital Marketing | A Top View of Office Table With Coffee, Laptop. Pen, Scissors and EyeglassExercise and proper diet go hand-in-hand. Let’s head to Planet Fitness to learn how they are achieving success through different digital marketing platforms. Even though it was shut down because of the pandemic, Plant Fitness made it their goal to Facebook stream every day. They went live at seven pm to educate their clients about fitness.

These streams are not monetized. Planet Fitness uses digital marketing to stay relevant. They chose to help individuals through virtual exercise sessions to distract them during quarantine. It also helps release stress in a very unfortunate and unpredictable time. Remember, digital marketing is not always about attracting customers or increasing revenue. Sometimes it’s just about surviving or engaging with the customers.

The Bottom line

Every brand we mentioned uses digital marketing companies to meet its own needs. That’s the beautiful thing about it. Digital marketing is flexible, cost-efficient, and very insightful. You can begin your marketing strategy by understanding the demands and requirements of the customers. That Company awaits you! Let us know how it goes.

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