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Improving Your Business with a White Label

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white label
The term white label refers to the outsourcing of work to another company while keeping your brand name on all the work that they do for you. In other words you have a secret company doing what your client needs done and you take the credit for the work. This is done to keep the client thinking that you have all the tools to complete any task needed and this makes your company look stronger. This would also increase your potential profit because if a client doesn’t have to go elsewhere to get the work done, so you keep that business.

Why White Label is Effective

White labeling can be a very effective way to cut down the cost of doing business significantly. This is done by hiring a company for a flat fee to do the work. Usually multiple employees might have to tackle those assignments and cost you more in the end. Instead of hiring six people to handle the separate tasks, you could give them all to one white label company to handle for a fraction of the price. This work is still under your company brand name so the client will never know the difference.

White label is a very general term for doing all sorts of work, but let’s narrow this down to SEO for the moment. With a white label SEO solution you may get the best return for you and your clients. By giving the work to a dedicated SEO white label firm you can almost assure it will be professionally done. This would cut the risk of hiring a bad employee off the street who might or might not be very good at what you need done. The savings goes right along with this also, for the cost of one or two employees you can pay for a team. This team would be dedicated to making sure your work is finished and professional for the client. This is always good when you want to retain business.

Why White Label is Convenient

Saving money isn’t always the key factor that might make you decide to get into a white label partnership. Overflow is a big part of a white labels opportunity, taking on task that you can’t handle with the current manpower you have. Sometimes a big project might come in and you need all hands on deck, but then you get a few new clients that want to start immediately. You need more manpower to handle to new work with the assurance that it will be done correctly. Then business runs smoothly as planned and you have increased the work amount. This is a great way to keep increasing your monthly profits.

White labeling obviously has many perks as to why you would want to use a company to handle overflow or to protect your profit margin. With the ability to increase your manpower significantly for the prices of a single employee is a pretty big boost to your production and bank. Or just to keep you on track when business is booming and you need some extra support to keep things running smooth. There are multiple ways for white label to improve your company; which one will you choose?

– Brock Bergeron, Marketing Coordinator

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