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Meet That! Company's New April Hires!!!

That! Company is delighted to announce four new people have been adopted into the family: Zack, Tim, Sara, and Manuel!!!


april hires tim ohara The first day Tim O’Hara walked through That! door, he said to himself with a humble grin, “Ya, I can work here.” He loves the playful atmosphere and energetic people who call it home. As a local Leesburgian, he realized if he wants to have fun, he must create it. He enjoys ice hockey, learning to play guitar, singing, bowling, and supporting local sports, theater, and other community events.


Tim looks forward to coming to work almost as much as he enjoys spending time with his son and doing “whatever is on a 5 year old’s mind.” His greatest reward in life is derived from his giving nature and has an unexplainable interest in the history of the world, part one and two.


april hires zack rivera

Zack Rivera lives and breathes blues music. He makes sweet, sweet tunes with the guitar, bass, drums, and piano. He is also an extremely good bowler and ranked at the top of a few state tournaments. It has been near impossible to separate Zack from computers since he was about eight years old. His fascination with the in’s and out’s of how computers work have  led him to attend the St. Petersburg College for Computer Programming.


Zack used to work in bar and demolition environments. Coming from such hard core manual labor to games and nerf guns was, “oh lawdy, it never felt so comfortable in a work environment.” Every day, he looks forward to a challenging game of Foosball with his friends/coworkers.


april hires sara smith



Upon graduating December 2012 from University of Central Florida in Orlando, Sara Smith is proud to have been welcomed into That! family with open arms. She enjoys approaching life with a “don’t judge a book by its cover” attitude and looks for challenges to accomplish every day.


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She makes time to experience the simple things in life like traveling, swing/blues dancing, and participating in the creation of brain children, like Renee and Bubblegum Smackers. Some say she gave birth to Chuck Norris, and does not see like humans do, instead sees numbers in green scrolling down… all we know is, she’s called The Stig Sara.



april hires manuel alvarado

Manuel Alvarado has lived in Central Florida for roughly twenty years. Previously, he resided in Tallahasse, FL while attending Florida State University where he studied computer criminology. He enjoyed the in-depth teachings of technology and forensics while honing his ‘Left for Dead’ and ‘Halo’ skills. With Biology as his initial focus in college, he continues his study of life through body building along-side his brother-in-law.


Manuel was born in Puerto Rico and has visited his grandparents every summer. Bonding with family over spicy meals and playing guitar has been a couple of motivating factors to continue to keep his Spanish sharp and fluent.


Overall, “a warm welcome to our new April Hires! We’re eager for all of you to achieve greatness here with us at That! Company,” mentions Mike Knorr, Marketing Manager.


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