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Why Hire a PPC Expert

Why Hire a PPC Expert
Why Hire a PPC Expert PPC is an arduous process that takes time and a lot of experience. Having a PPC expert means having someone who knows what these processes entail and can help you set expectations. You can choose to hire an individual or a white label ppc management service. Either way, it’s better than trying to do PPC well on your own.

PPC is Highly Technical and Time-Consuming

Simply creating a PPC ad will not automatically generate greater revenue. Without expertise, you will waste a lot of money on campaigns. You must have an understanding of how to generate traffic using keywords. You need to know how to strategize with ad groups to test and tweak campaigns across platforms. PPC involves many moving parts that have to be in sync to work without costing you more than you earn from them. Here are a few areas to explain what we mean.

PPC Terminology

Google and Facebook and other platforms with PPC advertise the marketing tool as user-friendly. We don’t think that’s actually true unless you have a highly technical mind. Most people don’t. PPC terms alone are difficult to understand. For example, what is accelerated ad delivery? What is an ad auction? How does average position and quality score affect ad rationing? Then there are the acronyms like CPA, CPC, and CPM. It could take days to learn just what all these terms mean and how the functions interact. This does not even include all the marketing jargon that also finds its way into PPC campaigns.

Keyword Research

A Graphic Photo Of The Word Keywords On A Search BarYou must have the best possible keywords to execute an effective PPC campaign. This is not simply entering a phrase into a free tool and pasting the results into Google Ads. Keyword research is highly technical. A lot goes into deciding even this simple first keyword, the seed keyword, to start things off with. Then there’s a whole process involved. You need to get into analyzing which keywords are the best, and which of these will work best together in single ads. After running campaigns for a while – and even knowing how long to test them takes expertise – you’ll need to look at how the keywords are performing in different campaigns and ad groups. Then you have to know how to use this data to make changes that will increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Aside from the technicalities of keyword research, you need to have marketing expertise. For instance, consumers used to prefer short-form ads. Now, more people seem to be interested in funny ads. This means more people will click through and probably buy. If you’re not up-to-date on marketing, you would not know what ad type to choose. [bctt tweet=”PPC involves many moving parts that have to be in sync to work without costing you more than you earn from them.” username=”ThatCompanycom”]

Why Hire a PPC Expert

Whether it’s an entire team under white label services or a single specialist, hiring someone to manage your PPC account means you benefit from their expertise. They would know more about best PPC practices than a small business owner. And because specialists normally have experience handling smaller PPC accounts, they are a nice fit for businesses with smaller budget accounts. They bring the experience they gained from working with numerous different businesses and, thus, know what does and doesn’t work. Better PPC knowledge typically means better account performance, and this is something you should expect when hiring an expert. It is an expense to pay for these specialists. In return, you can expect to see an increased clickthrough rate and improved quality in your traffic. Time is valuable; time is money. Consider small businesses that need to juggle many aspects of managing their business and have limited resources and personnel to do so. To do PPC account management on top of developing their website, managing marketing campaigns, managing other accounts, or making adjustments to their business offering, is a lot to handle. While it may be possible for a very small business, it becomes much less feasible as the business grows and time becomes more scarce. Hiring a PPC specialist to manage your account not only means better results but also makes room for applying yourself and your skills more effectively in other crucial areas of your business.

Things to Consider When Hiring a PPC Expert

If you hire a freelancer for PPC, be vigilant in making sure they know what they’re doing. It’s easy for a freelancer to say they’re an expert in PPC. Other SEO freelancers may offer PPC services simply because their clients asked them without really possessing the necessary skills for PPC account and campaign management. Remember, SEO skills and PPC skills are not the same, and being good at one doesn’t mean proficiency in the other. The wise decision is to find freelancers who are specialists in PPC advertising instead of those who claim to be all-around digital marketing experts.A Graphic Explanation Of PPC With A Laptop And Calculato The caveat of hiring a freelancer is that they are usually experts on a single PPC platform. This means freelancers may perform very well on one PPC advertising platform but are mediocre in others. Because PPC is an ever-evolving space, you’ll need someone flexible to keep up with the changes in practices. To maintain proficiency, it’s crucial to keep researching the current practices and talking with fellow PPC experts. To find a single person who has proficiency in all aspects of PPC and can stay up to date on every single advancement is rare. On the other hand, hiring a PPC agency means hiring a team with a combination of members who will likely have individual expertise in specific areas. While a PPC freelancer has access to free tools, they may not have the resources to afford third-party tools that will take care of competitor monitoring and reporting. Alternatively, PPC agencies are larger organizations with many members and, thus, many more clients. This means they are likely able to afford these tools.

Campaign Management For a PPC Expert

Managing a PPC account is more than creating campaigns and tracking results. You must also be able to:
  • Use gathered data to improve campaign effectiveness and streamline your budget
  • Adjust ads to improve quality scores and click-through and conversion rates
You will have difficulty achieving the above without technical PPC expertise. A PPC expert will also be able to do related tasks like:
  • Installation and setup of classified ad scripts
  • Setting up campaign tags to gather analytics data for insights
Creating and managing PPC campaigns entails putting together seed keywords and building a keyword list for optimization, optimizing ad copy, creating and optimizing landing pages for better conversion rates, reading up on the competition, researching different means to maximize sales, monitoring Google algorithm updates, and more.

Managing Expectations

A Person Holding A Phone With A Photo About Advertising On The ScreenThere’s a notion that through AdWords (a Google advertising system), businesses won’t need to allocate a large budget for impressive results. However, you can only do so much with a small ad budget.

Having a small budget means you can’t bid as high as competitors for high-value keywords. More traffic at any cost is not a good idea. The key is converting better than the competition, regardless of what keywords you use.

This time-consuming and involved PPC management process is better left to someone who has the PPC expert knowledge to do it more efficiently and do it well. This frees you to use your time and effort on other areas of your business that require more of your attention.

PPC specialists that know what they’re talking about can assist you in creating a balanced marketing strategy that integrates PPC along with other marketing tools like blog posts for inbound and social media content to build relationships with targets to keep your lead generation sustainable.

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