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Remarketing List for Search Ads: RLSA

All companies know the importance of finding searchers who are looking for their specific products or services through PPC Marketing. That is why they advertise using many different platforms: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and the list goes on and on. Many businesses are also familiar with remarketing, a way to get your ads in front of potential leads after they have visited your site.

Remarketing is done through the Google Display Network. Although it can be a very cost effective way to garner additional leads for traffic that is interested in your services or products, it only captures them while they are browsing the web after they visited your site.

How can you reach out to those interested in your products or services if they are still searching via keywords? That’s where the Remarketing List for Search Ads, or RLSA, comes in.

RLSA allows you to create audiences in your shared library, and add them to your search campaigns as a way to reach out to those who are still searching for your keywords AND have already visited your site in the past. There are two options: either adding your audiences to an existing campaign, or duplicating your campaign and adding the audiences there. There are some differences in these two options that you need to consider.

Your first option — adding audiences to existing campaigns — allows you to use the current keyword list you have to reach out to those still searching for your keywords, but does not allow you to use a different ad variation for them. Thus, you are limited in some capacity with this option – although you can test more quickly to see if this will work well for you.

Your second option — duplicating your current campaign and adding the audiences — allows you to reach out using not only the same set of keywords, but additional, more risky keywords if you choose. Remember, these riskier keywords will only be targeted to those who have visited your site, and not to all traffic from your previous campaign.


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The other major difference when using this approach is that you can create special ad copy designed for those who have already been to your site – maybe offer a slight discount or special pricing to entice the conversion or lead. In either case, it is important to show them a different landing page on the site than they saw the first time. Leads that see this new page are more likely to convert.

Remarketing is a more cost effective way to generate leads, and allows you to reach audiences in both the Search and Display Networks for Google.


— Bobby Ballash, Director of PPC

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