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What You Get With a Search Engine Optimization Reseller

It’s not exactly obvious what a search engine optimization reseller actually is, and ironically, searching on the Internet for it tends to produce confusing articles that speak only in generalities. The fact of the matter is that white label SEO can be incredibly beneficial to your business if you understand what it is and why you need it, especially if you work in a field that involves creating things for the Internet. It’s a great way to hold on to clients and keep them working with you for years to come.

What a Search Engine Optimization Reseller Does

The point of a search engine optimization reseller is for you to be able to offer SEO services without actually having to do them yourself. What they generally are is an internet marketing company that will sell its services to your client, but do it in your name.

For example, let’s say that you are a website designer who wants to do more than just create a series of pages, accept a lump sum payment, and then move on to look for new work. Instead, you would like to offer your clients search engine optimization on a monthly plan in order to make sure that they keep revenue coming your way. Unfortunately, you don’t have any experience with SEO.

That’s why you hire us.

We will take care of your clients for you, speaking with them directly, providing weekly education to them on search engine optimization and what we are doing to improve their traffic and rankings in Google. We even offer sales support as a white label, which is not often done. The entire time we are doing this, it is in the name of your business. Calls made to us by your clients are answered as your company, emails come from your company’s website URL, and all papers have your logo and address on them. That way you get the excellent reputation, and we provide a reasonable margin to you for the work.

That! Company Should Be Your Reseller

There are several reasons why That! Company is the reseller you want to go with. For example, we have highly competitive prices for a range of services, so your clients will get the absolute best attention, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to make that happen.


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On a related note, your clients will also get the benefit of our team of experts, who are willing and able to make sure that you retain them by getting real results.

If you want to start building a high quality portfolio for your web business, then you can’t go wrong with using That! Company as your search engine optimization reseller.

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