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Should You Be Running Google Ads And Bing Ads At The Same Time?

This is a question that we continue to receive from new clients and even existing clients. Because Google is such a power house and mostly recognized name, many people believe that all they need is Google Ads as their driving force of sales, leads, or conversion points. Now, we cannot deny that Google is definitely the breadwinner when it comes to large volumes of traffic per day, week, or month. Ever since Google became a household name, our babies, kids, and teens started using Google as a verb. So yes, if you are in the Google Ads game you are definitely doing something right as far as your paid advertising. That is assuming that you know what you are doing when it comes to strategy, placement, optimization, ad copywriting, remarketing, and so on and so forth. But even if you are not the best Google Ads manager in the world, just being on the Google Ads platform is a step in the right direction. The possibilities of where that can go are basically impossible to predict. But, when it comes to Bing Ads, we often get the question of, “What is Bing Ads?” Sometimes we get people who have never even heard of the Bing name. Well, there is another search engine named Bing; and yes, they do have a paid advertising platform called Bing Ads. So, the next question would be, “Should you be running Google Ads and Bing Ads at the same time?”

Is It Worth Running Ads On Bing Ads?

old scale to weight the value of bing adsThose who are at least a little bit familiar with Bing should know that there is traffic to be acquired over there in Bing world. Bing is one of the bigger search engines on the internet to date. But what most people do not know is that Bing continues to increase  traffic from day-to-day and month-to-month. They also have multiple partners that are associated with their platform, pretty similar to what Google has over on the Google Ads side. In addition, a lot of people do not know that Bing has some pretty big name partners to go along with their network of search engines and websites. For instance, Yahoo and AOL are just a couple of the search partners that Bing has in their network that work along with Bing and its search engine platform. Of course, Yahoo and AOL are not the biggest names in the world; but when Google was just coming up in their ranks, Yahoo and AOL were search engines at the same time. So, Yahoo and AOL are not necessarily new kids on the block when it comes to search engines and search partners. So, I am saying this not to hype up search engines such as Yahoo, AOL, or DuckDuckGo, but rather to show you that Bing is aligned with some fairly popular names in the search engine realm. What does that mean for Bing, and whether or not to run ads on the  Bing Ads platform? That means that there is and  has been additional search engine traffic besides Google that is available to run ads on as far as paid advertising goes. Of course, you would also have to consider just how much additional budget you have to be able to run some ads over on the Bing Ads side. Budget aside, you will have to make the decision of whether or not you want or need additional traffic to your website, landing page, or blog.

Does Bing Have Enough Traffic On Their Search Engine To Even Matter?

Bar graph that shows increased bing trafficWhat most people have to realize about Bing is that Bing has been around for quite some time as one of the larger search engines on the internet. But what some people also have to realize is that Bing is getting bigger and bigger with each and every search partner that they get to join their network. Because it is now not just Bing that gets you traffic as far as a search. Now with Bing’s partners in place, that search (or click) can  come from one of their search partners very easily. Although Bing is not as large as Google as far as  sheer volume of traffic , there is still a considerable amount of traffic to be obtained over on the Bing side as they keep getting bigger and acquire more partners.

How Easy Is It To Learn The Bing Ads Platform?

Man smiling at screen because bing is so easy to use. If you have had any prior experience on the Google Ads platform for more than one year, or back when it was named Google Adwords, then you should be able to catch on with the Bing Ads platform pretty easily. Because Bing has pretty much followed the same platform that Google has had all of these years, they have pretty much had the same functions and actions as Google’s platform. To be honest, the Bing Ads platform is probably one of the easier platforms to learn and operate when it comes to paid ads platform. So, if you are new to the paid advertising game and Bing is your very first paid advertising platform, you may find that the Bing Ads platform is not that hard to navigate. It is also easier to get your campaigns to do what you want them to do. Because Bing has been around nearly as long as Google and they essentially based their platform on Google’s platform, there have been lots of trials and updates to get Bing’s platform the way it is now. With those updates and changes, you can almost rest assured that Bing has it right to some extent when it comes down to ease of use for the advertisers that want to use and advertise with their platform.

When someone asks me the simple question, “Should you be running Google Ads and Bing Ads at the same time?” My response is typically, “Why haven’t you already?” The reason behind that answer is because there is a lot of added benefit to running Bing Ads for additional paid search traffic. From our experience, Bing Ads often converts or has a higher sale rate than even Google itself. Even though Bing does not have the sheer volume of total traffic that Google has, it does seem to have nearly a quarter of the traffic that Google possesses. We always recommend our clients to go ahead and run Bing Ads along with theirGoogle Ads, because there is a lot of additional sales, leads, and visits to be obtained to go along with Google traffic. Just keep in mind that along with Bing’s search engine, you also get some pretty popular names such as DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and AOL search engines that your paid ads can also show up on. So, with a little extra budget and a little bit of know-how on how to navigate through the platform, you should be on your way to more traffic, sales, and leads.

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