That Prank!

Help us prank our team!




Two members of our amazing team are at USUMMIT this year! These are your targets!



Josh Cardoza

Marty Clemence


We know you are enjoying your time at USUMMIT! We would love to make it just that much more enjoyable for you by asking you to assist us in our prank which also comes with a chance to win either a $100 gift card or a $250 gift card. Watch the video above for all the details.

Notice: We ask that you keep the pranks fun and lighthearted. Definitely mess with them, but if your prank can make them laugh then that’s a GREAT prank! In the video we suggested messing with their heads of pretending you know them, but get creative! Think whoopie cushions! $20 on strings being pulled away from them! Replacing their chair when they go to the bathroom with a small little kids chair! Harmless, good-natured fun type stuff. 🙂

Also, you will need to make sure to prank them either on Friday or Saturday, as they will not be there on the last day of the event. 

Now here is how you can get entered to win the drawing!

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  1. You must capture on film your prank with Josh and or Marty clearly visible.
  2.  Post to any social platform using the hashtags #Ugurus #ThatPrank
  3. Fill out the form below submitting your post
  4. Have fun with it!

Anyone that captures any prank on film without giving the prank away will be entered to win a $100.00 (USD) gift card to anywhere you want.

Anyone that is voted by the That Company team as having the best/most creative prank will win a $250.00 (USD) gift card to anywhere you want.

Have fun and Happy Pranking!

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