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Tips & Tricks for Effective SEO Content

There are several things that you can do to help your SEO content achieve its max potential. This article will give you some suggestions that you can use to enhance your content such as repurposing old content in new and exciting ways.  We’ll also talk about figuring out your target audience and why that’s important.  In addition, we’ll talk about the ever-essential keyword research, which you may already be aware of, but it’s so important to mention regularly just in case someone doesn’t know how important it is.  We’ll discuss the important aspects to focus on like readability and attention-grabbing titles as well as what not to focus on.  We’ll also talk about why you should include data into your content.  Lastly, we’ll go over the reasons why you should work on improving your page speed so that people don’t get tired of waiting for their content to load.

Repurpose Your Old Content

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Why start here, you may be wondering?  Well, chances are you have a lot of useful content that’s sitting around that is still relevant and could be turned into something else or simply edited to be updated to the newest standards.  Perhaps you have some old, yet relevant webinars sitting around that you could re-edit into video tutorials.  These could be very helpful, especially for those who missed the webinars and you can edit them to be into chunks for specific subjects to make it easier for people to find tutorials for what they are looking for.  How about those old presentations?  With a little work, you could turn them into infographics.  You can even create newsletters and whitepapers using old articles if they have value.  You want to find the opportunity within your old content to turn it into something new and perhaps more useful.

Know Your Target Audience

So, who is your target audience?  You want to understand several things about your audience such as who your target audience segments are, what information your audience needs, why they need this information, and what keywords they would use to find this information.  These questions are necessary to properly find your target audience.  You may also want to find ways to interact with your audience before trying to sell to them.  Perhaps use a survey to figure out their habits, preferences, stats, and demographics.  When you’ve determined your audience segment, you want to make sure that you create content geared to each one even if they are for the same product or what have you.  Tailoring your content to the specific segment’s unique goals, interests, and needs will produce the best results and your audience will notice.

Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of any SEO endeavor and it is vital when creating SEO content.  You want to find the right tools to use and it can be very useful to use different ones to get a good idea of what keywords will work best.  You need to identify what keywords relate well with your products or services, your expertise, and what your audience is searching for.  Keyword research is more than just finding the keywords, it also involves figuring out the difficulty associated with trying to win those keywords.  If you’re not sure how to gather all the right data or how to organize it into something that works for your needs, we can help with this.  We have a comprehensive keyword analysis that can help determine how difficult certain keywords are to win and gives a rough idea of how long winning these keywords may take.  Once you’ve discovered the keywords, you can create the content topics based on the research so far.

Focus on What Is Appropriate

caligraphy pen on paperYou want to focus on a few different things.  For instance, you want to focus on readability, which means that when people find your content, they are engaged and want to continue to read it.  This will signal to the search engines that the page is relevant and that it might meet the user’s query.  Bounce rate and time dwelling on the page are useful for search engine machine learning systems.  You want to make sure that your content is organized, logical, simple, and clear.  The content should convey information in an understandable way.  More people will stick around if your content is understandable, which helps your overall rankings.

You want to also focus on creating interesting titles to attract people who might be interested in what you’re writing about.  Like any newspaper, the headline needs to be eye catching and really draw people in.  One type of heading that has grown common, though is often despised are clickbait headings.  Clickbait can damage credibility even though it may bring in a lot of traffic.  Make sure that whatever headings you choose to write, they convey enough to not only intrigue the viewer and catch their attention, it should also be optimized to capture the best click-through rates based on the central theme of the content.


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As for what you shouldn’t focus on, it’s vital that you make sure to keep your sales pitches to a minimum.  You’ll find that attractive calls to action that relate to the content can be a great way to get people interested in your sales pitch.  Feel free to talk about some product or service so long as it is relevant and isn’t intrusive.  You might even want to add affiliate links, which is fine if you keep them to a minimum and they, too, are relevant.

Include Data

Data is super important if you want to make a difference compared to competitors, but you must make sure that your data is accurate and cited.  For example, HubSpot had a great article on the importance of data and their ‘social media scientist,’ Dan Zarrella, says that “articles with digits in their titles are about 175% more likely to be shared than those without them.”  Data helps provide a foundation for our side or point of view.  It can even be useful as a starting point when we write about something with interesting data.  Data also provides authenticity to your content, if properly cited from reputable sources, which can be a big win for many people.  Who doesn’t like to see interesting facts?

Improve Your Page Speed

tail light trails This is an oldie, but a goodie, in that you should know by now that improving your page speed is important, but at the same time, it’s essential that we mention it.  The internet has made many of us impatient and that’s very visible when sites don’t load properly within seconds.  Ever had a site not load right away?  Then you understand first-hand the problem that is encountered and the frustration it can create.


These aren’t all the tips and tricks for SEO Content, but these can be very helpful for enhancing your content.  We talked about repurposing old content and knowing what to focus on.  In addition, we talked about knowing your target audience and performing keyword research to improve your chances of getting the best traffic.  Adding data to your content was also discussed as a way of capturing people’s attention and lastly, we had the obligatory mention of improving your page speed.

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Authorship: Doyle C. 

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